NFL Owners Enact Rule To Keep Fields Green: Will The NCAA Follow Suit?

A lot of discussion is being made around the NFL rule change that moves kickoffs back to the 35-yard line from the 30-yard line for the upcoming season (if it happens).  However, another rule that the NFL passed yesterday has nothing to do with play on the field, but the field itself. 

NFL teams must have their field color approved by the league and it has to be a shade of green.  This doesn't affect any teams currently, but effectively prevents a team from changing the color of a field to match the color of their jerseys, similar to what Boise State is doing in the college ranks with the bright blue field. 

I'm glad to see that the NFL is being proactive on this, and personally I think the time has come to ban the colored fields from the college ranks as well.  I hate the bright blue Boise State field as it seems like a cheap gimmick.  The fact that the NCAA has allowed Boise State to use the blue field effectively encourages other schools to do it, and the bright red field that Eastern Washington now has shows that this is becoming a disturbing trend that must be stopped.  Otherwise, we can only imagine what colored fields are coming down the pike.  Purple?  Black?  Yellow?  Will some school may take it to the next level by creating a rainbow of different colors on the field between each set of 5-yard markers?

There also needs to be a similar rule for NCAA basketball courts.  For a perfect example of what we are talking about, look at the University of Oregon's multi-colored hardwood floor (be forewarned - this could hurt your eyes).  

The NCAA tends to be slow when it comes to making rule changes.  Maybe the television networks can push the NCAA to ban the color changes on basketball courts and football fields before it goes too far.  Otherwise, there may be a series of lawsuits coming down the road from vision-damaged viewers.

NFL Owners Enact 'Boise State Rule':  Field Must Be Shade Of Green [SBNation]
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