Video: Arkansas Receiver Marquel Wade Ejected For Cheap Shot on Vanderbilt Punt Returner

During the third quarter of today's Arkansas/Vanderbilt college football game, Arkansas wide receiver Marquel Wade was ejected for celebrating an illegal hit on Vanderbilt punt returner Jonathan Krause.

Vanderbilt's Krause was positioning himself in an attempt to field an Arkansas punt when Wade plowed into Krause at full speed. Officials immediately called a penalty on Wade for an illegal hit, as the punt returner can not be hit while attempting to catch the ball, even if it not a fair catch. This hit is a perfect example of why this rule is in place.

According to Dr. Saturday, Wade celebrated the illegal hit, which probably contributed to the officials' decision to eject Wade from the game.

Krause was down on the field for several minutes before getting up on his own power.

Arkansas’ Wade takes cheap shots to another level [Dr. Saturday]
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