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Aug 31, 2011

Video: Uruguayan Football Player Tries To Bite Opponent's Arm Off

A lot of crazy things have been happening recently in Uruguayan football.  Last week a player slapped a linesman after getting a red card.  Now, a player is trying to bite an opponent's arm off.

Video: Youth Football Referee Dances Between Plays

At a recent youth football game (in California, we believe), fans in attendance got more than their money's worth when a referee provided some entertainment in between plays with his dancing.

Video: Stanley Cup Falls Off Collapsing Table During Michael Ryder's Hometown Visit

Boston Bruins forward Michael Ryder brought the team's Stanley Cup to his hometown of Bonavista, Newfoundland in Canada yesterday.  However, his triumphant return home hit a bit of a snag during a send-off party beforehand as the Stanley Cup ended up falling onto the floor when a table that the Cup was placed on collapsed.

Video: Young Tennis Player's Behavior Earns Nickname of "Mr. Cranky Pants"

Some people have high hopes for the future of 19-year-old US tennis player Ryan Harrison.  However, his temper tantrums on the court in the opening round of the US Open have some questioning his maturity, leading Mary Carillo to give him the nickname "Mr. Cranky Pants."

Aug 30, 2011

Video: Miss Universe Contestants Play Friendly Football Match

Contestants in the upcoming 2011 Miss Universe pageant in Sao Paulo, Brazil, were broken up into teams for a friendly football match against each other.

Video: Awkward Kiss Between Tennis Players After Match at US Open Tournament

Things got a little awkward after Gael Monfils defeated Grigor Dimitrov in the first round of the US Open tennis tournament yesterday.  After the post-match handshake, Dimitrov moved in close and tried to kiss Monfils on the lips.

Video: Jets' Nick Mangold Crashes Mark Sanchez Interview

New York Jets All-Pro center Nick Mangold obviously has to have a close relationship on the field with his quarterback, Mark Sanchez.  However, recently Mangold has been finding a way to stay closer to Sanchez off the field:  by photobombing television interviews between Sanchez and the media.

Video: Tennis Player's Shot Breaks Umpire's Microphone at U.S. Open Tournament

In the first round of the 2011 U.S. Open tennis tournament Monday, Santiago Giraldo knew he was going to have to be at the top of his game to have any chance against third-seeded Roger Federer.  However, when Giraldo hit an errant shot that broke the umpire's microphone to start off the second set, he had to know that it just wasn't meant to be. 

Video: Pirates Turn Triple Play...That Will Only Count As Double Play

The Pittsburgh Pirates turned a triple play in yesterday's game against the Houston Astros, but they will only get credit for a double play. That's because there was already one out when the play started.

ESPN Bloopers: Caroline Wozniacki Wins New Haven Open, And Boyfriend Rory McIlroy Is...What?

ESPN SportsCenter anchor Cindy Brunson had a bit of a slip up the other day.  It had to do with a piece covering female tennis star Carolina Wozniacki's win in the WTA New Haven Open tennis tournament at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. 

Wozniacki has recently gone public with her romance with golfer Rory McIlroy, and the media is trying to play up the romance between these two as a power couple.  However, Brunson may have gotten a little tongue tied when describing McIlroy's reaction in the stands to Wozniacki's tournament win.

Video: Athlete Nearly Sets Record...For Slowest 100 Meters At World Championships

A 17-year-old track and field athlete from American Samoa failed to qualify for the shot put event in the IAAF World Championships in South Korea.  This past Saturday, he tried to qualify for a different event:  the 100 meters.

In the process, he came close to setting a record...by running the second slowest 100 meter time in World Championships history. 

Video: Pole Vaulter's Pole Snaps During Vault

Have you ever seen a pole vaulter's pole break while they attempt a jump?  Me neither...until yesterday.

Aug 29, 2011

Video: Sam Bradford Makes a Young Woman Cry...But In a Good Way

In Kansas City this past week, St. Louis Rams quarterback Sam Bradford made a young woman cry...by giving her an autograph.

Video: Elite High School Basketball Prospect Gets 37 Stitches In His Shoulder After Breaking Backboard With Slam Dunk

A top high school basketball prospect from the Class of 2012 broke a backboard with a slam dunk during warmups for the Elite 24 basketball game in Los Angeles this past Saturday.  As a result, he had to get 37 stitches in his shoulder.

Video: Did Peruvian Football Player Make Worst Empty Net Miss Ever?

Yesterday in a Peruvian soccer match, Alianza Atletico's Isreal Kahn caught Cienciano's goalkeeper way out of position and had no one between him and a wide open net.  Unfortunately, Kahn's shot went outside the goalpost in what could go down as one of the worst misses in recent memory.

Aug 28, 2011

Video: Padres Fan Snatches Foul Ball From Diamondbacks' Justin Upton, Taunts Him Afterwards

In Arizona last night, a visiting San Diego Padres fan interfered with Diamondbacks right fielder Justin Upton by using his own glove to snatch a foul ball away from Upton.  Afterwards, the Padres fan took the next step by taunting Upton and pointing to his baseball cap.

Video: Women's Professional Soccer Game Delayed By Squirrel

The Women's Professional Soccer championship game in Rochester, New York today was delayed by a squirrel who ran onto the field in the first half and wouldn't leave. 

Video: Usain Bolt Shocks The World...By Getting Disqualified For a False Start at the World Championships

Usain Bolt failed to defend his world championship title today at the world championships in Daegu, South Korea, but not because he wasn't the fastest runner.  Bolt was disqualified in today's 100 meter final race for a false start, shocking fans and broadcasters alike.

Aug 27, 2011

Video: Jays' Jose Bautista Gets Ejected, Throws Equipment From Dugout Onto Field

Toronto Blue Jays outfielder Jose Bautista was ejected by the home plate umpire after expressing some anger in the dugout by slamming his bat against the dugout wall.  After being ejected, Bautista further expressed his anger by throwing his equipment onto the field.

Video: Cubs Fan In Milwaukee Fails Multiple Times When Trying To Grab Foul Balls

A Chicago Cubs fan in the front row of Miller Park in Milwaukee had a particularly difficult time in his unsuccessful attempts to get his hands on a baseball.  He did a somersault and fell onto the field when trying to grab one ball thrown into the stands by a ballboy, and another ball that was hit right to him went right under his hand.

Honest Earthquake Reactions From MLB.com Studio

One of the more interesting videos of reactions from this past week's East Coast earthquake came from inside the MLB.com studio from a few guys taping the "Fantasy 411" show for the MLB network. 

Video: California Little League Team Seems To Enjoy Grabbing Themselves Inappropriately, ESPN Doesn't Seem To Mind

The Huntington Beach, California Little League All-Stars who made it to the U.S Championship at this year's Little League World Series tournament seem to be channeling a little bit of Michael Jackson through their pre-game ritual of grabbing themselves in the groin.   

Aug 26, 2011

Video: Umpire Slips At Yankee Stadium While Making Call at Second Base

At Yankee Stadium yesterday, an attempt to steal second base by Oakland Athletics second baseman Jemile Weeks was made more interesting when the second base umpire slipped on the wet grass when trying to make the call.

Video: Was San Francisco Giants Reliever Injured After Tripping On Dugout Steps?

San Francisco Giants reliever Guillermo Mota may have suffered an injury yesterday, and he didn't even play in last night's game.  As Mota was coming out to of the dugout for his bullpen warmups in the top of the ninth inning, he tripped on the dugout steps.

Aug 25, 2011

Video: Breakdancing Batboy Provides Entertainment For Texas Rangers Fans

At Rangers Ballpark in Arlington on Wednesday night, the Texas Rangers provided fans with enteratinment from what is soon to be the next viral Internet sensation:  a breakdancing batboy.

Video: Mariners Fan Interference Takes RBI Away From Kyle Seager

The trend of fan interference continues in Major League Baseball.  On Tuesday night, a San Francisco Giants fan stole a pop fly ball from Cody Ross in AT&T Park.  Now, a Seattle Mariners fan at Progressive Field in Cleveland took an RBI away from a player on his favorite team.

Video: Another Young Upset Giants Fan Gets a Baseball Handed To Them

It's official:  if you're a young fan attending a San Francisco Giants game and you want a baseball, all you have to do is cry and pout.  

Last month a young boy in the stands made Giants commentators feel bad after a foul ball was grabbed by a fan in front of him, so they pulled some strings to get him a baseball.  In last night's game, a young girl in the front row started crying when her sibling got a baseball and she didn't, so a Giants representative handed her a baseball.

Aug 24, 2011

Video: San Fran Giants Fan Interferes With Cody Ross While Catching Foul Ball

In San Francisco on Tuesday night, a fan leaned over a railing in foul territory to make a nice catch of a foul ball with his glove.  One problem - the fan interfered with Giants right fielder Cody Ross by reaching into the field of play, and as every fan SHOULD know, that is an automatic ejection from the game.

Video: Angry Elderly Dutch Football Fan Tries To Run Over Ref With Scooter After Game

It seems like everyone is going after soccer referees these days.  As pointed out in the Huffington Post, whether it's linesmen getting slapped in Uruguay or referees getting chased off the field in Argentina, it seems that soccer referees have had a tough month.

However, you know things are really getting bad when elderly fans in scooters are getting into the act, which is probably a sign that this trend is going too far.

Video: Borja Valero Delivers Vicious Headbutt To Opponent

In a UEFA Champions League playoff match yesterday, soccer fans witnessed a player deliver the most vicious headbutt since Zinedine Zidane in the 2006 World Cup.

Video: Mom Gives Foul Ball To Baby, Baby Throws Ball Back Onto Field

In San Francisco last night, a mom who was fortunate enough to get a foul ball gave it to her baby to play with.  That was a big mistake.

Aug 23, 2011

Video: Yankee Stadium Ball Boy Fails Miserably

In the first inning of Tuesday's game at Yankee Stadium between the Oakland A's and the New York Yankees, Brett Gardner hit a foul ball that rolled down the first base line.  The ballboy only had to take a step or two from his seat to get the ball.  Unfortunately, the ballboy pulled a Bill Buckner and let the ball roll under his glove and right through his legs.

Video: Uruguayan Soccer Player Slaps Linesman For Being a Tattletale

In a soccer game in Uruguay, a player lost his temper and made a bad situation worse by slapping a linesman after being given a red card.

Video: Did Netherlands Little League Team Show Poor Sportsmanship With Choreographed Home Run Celebration?

In a Little League World Series game on Tuesday, the Netherlands team (representing Europe in this year's tournament) may have displayed some bad sportsmanship with a choreographed home run celebration.

Aug 13, 2011

Video: Fans Dressed As Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis, Jr. Attend Oakland A's Game

A small group of fans dressed as Sammy Davis Jr., Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra attended the Oakland A's baseball game last night and got a little time on camera.

Video: Will Carlos Zambrano Retire After Tonight's Stinker In Atlanta?

In Atlanta tonight, after Chicago Cubs pitcher Carlos Zambrano gave up back-to-back home runs to the Braves' Freddie Freeman and Dan Uggla, he threw a pitch way inside to Chipper Jones and would have hit him in the hip had Jones not moved out of the way.

Home plate umpire Tim Timmons immediately ejected Zambrano.  The Braves began to come out of the dugout, but Timmons was able to prevent a bench clearing brawl by forcing the Braves players back to the bench. 

Watch video of the play here courtesy of MLB.com.

Zambrano was understandably upset as he gave up five home runs in tonight's game, which ties a Cubs team record.  However, the Cubs were probably not expecting what happened next:

After the ejection, Zambrano cleaned out his locker, left the visitors' clubhouse before the game was over and told Cubs team personnel he was considering retiring, according to manager Mike Quade.
 Will Zambrano follow through with his retirement?  Stay tuned.

Carlos Zambrano mulling retirement?  [ESPN]

Aug 12, 2011

Video: Bobby Cox Throws Out First Pitch In Atlanta, Gets Ejected (Playfully) By Umpires

Retired Atlanta Braves manager Bobby Cox threw out the first pitch before tonight's game against the Chicago Cubs.  Chipper Jones caught the pitch from Cox.

Afterwards, Cox greeted the umpires, where he was "thrown out of the game"...all for a good laugh by those involved.  Check out the video after the jump:

Video: Indoor Soccer Goalkeeper Knocked Out After Being Hit In Head By Shot From Point Blank Range, Knocked Out

Currently making the rounds of the blogosphere is this video, uploaded to Youtube back in July, of an indoor soccer goalie getting knocked out after taking a shot to the head from point blank range.

"Ouch" would be an understatement.

Goalkeeper gets knocked out by the ball [Dirty Tackle]

Video: Guy Goes Nuts For Tiger Woods During Today's Second Round of PGA

Tiger Woods is obviously out of the PGA tournament after today's second round, but he was in it long enough to make one fan in a blue shirt an Internet sensation.

Video: Colonel Sanders Denies Stealing Signs For Toronto Blue Jays

A fan dressed as Colonel Sanders at the Rogers Center in Toronto was caught on camera in the second inning of tonight's Blue Jays game with a message:  "I'm too chicken to steal signs".

Aug 11, 2011

Video: Arena Football Fan Grabs Opposing Player While Returning Kick, Tries To Rip His Helmet Off

Arena Football League games give a chance for fans to get a little closer to the action on the field.  However, in Jacksonville recently, one fan might have gotten a little TOO close.

Video: Argentina Football Referee Attacked By Team Players And Coaches, Chased Off The Field

It might be tough to find referees for Argentina football matches after they see this video.  A referee in the fifth division gets caught up in a fight with a player but soon has to run away and hop a fence to get away when the entire team, plus some coaches and fans, come after him.

Video: Fight Between American Legion Baseball Teams Gets Both Ejected From Tournament

On Sunday morning, a brawl erupted during a game in Sumter, SC, as part of the Southeast Regional American Legion baseball tournament, leading both teams to be banned from the tournament.

Video: Chicago Cubs Fan Catches Foul Ball With One Hand While Holding Baby

This has to rank up there with the best play of the year by a baseball fan:  a Chicago Cubs fan at Wrigley Field catches a foul ball...with one hand...while holding a baby with the other hand.

Aug 10, 2011

Video: Yankees' Curtis Granderson Picked Off To End Game And Seal Victory For Angels

You never see a player get picked off to end a baseball game.  You would think that a runner on first base with two outs and a two-run deficit would make it a priority to not be picked off.  Unfortunately, that's exactly what happened to the New York Yankees last night, and the miscue sealed a 6-4 victory for the visiting Los Angeles Angels.

Aug 9, 2011

Video: Juan Rivera Called Out By Interference After Colliding With Chase Utley While Running To Second Base

Los Angeles Dodgers left fielder Juan Rivera came off the bench to hit a pinch hit single, which drove in a run, in the bottom of the eighth inning in last night's baseball game against the Philadelphia Phillies.  Unfortunately, he found himself back on the bench shortly afterwards due to a baserunning blunder.

Pittsburgh Steelers To Appear In New Batman Movie 'The Dark Knight Rises'

Some filming took place recently at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh for the next Batman movie, 'The Dark Knight Rises', and some members of the Pittsburgh Steelers will star in the movie as members of the Gotham City football team, the "Gotham Rogues".
The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported that players getting their star turn include Ben Roethlisberger, Hines Ward, Willie Colon, Maurkice Pouncey, Mike Wallace, Heath Miller, Aaron Smith, Ryan Clark, Troy Polamalu, James Farrior and Casey Hampton.
Also, former Steelers coach Bill Cowher will play the coach of the Gotham Rogues.

Apparently Christian Bale and Anne Hathaway were nowhere to be found.

Several Steelers get a small role in the next Batman movie [Shutdown Corner]

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Aug 8, 2011

Video: Mets Pitcher Falls Off Mound While Trying To Throw Pitch

This is probably not the way New York Mets pitcher Mike Pelfrey wanted to start the game.

Video: Sporting KC Captain Slide Tackles Opponent, Gets Red Card, Pretends To Be Victim Of Headbutt

It's bad enough that Sporting KC captain Omar Bravo got a red card against the Seattle Sounders for a two-footed slide tackle of an opponent.  However, instead of leaving the field right away, Bravo continued to antagonize his opponent and tried to draw a penalty by pretending he was the victim of a headbutt. 

Video: Ron Artest (Soon-To-Be-Known-As Metta World Peace) Loves Celine Dion

Apparently Los Angeles Lakers star Ron Artest, who will soon be changing his name to Metta World Peace, likes Celine Dion...a lot.  If it wasn't known before, it's certainly known to the world now thanks to Ron's Tweets from Celine's concert in Las Vegas Saturday night:

Video: Argentina Football Player Gets Spit On By Fans While Taking Corner Kick

There's enough pressure involved in football (a.k.a. soccer) game situations when it comes to corner kicks.  What might add a little more pressure?  How about getting ready for a corner kick while getting spit on by the opposing fans?

Video: Member of Kansas City Grounds Crew Nearly Run Over By Tarp

In the top of the sixth inning, the Kaufmann Stadium grounds crew in Kansas City had to go to work as a dark raincloud signaled a storm coming in.  However, they had a little trouble rolling out the tarp, as one member of the grounds crew pushed a little too hard.  He ended up throwing himself over the tarp as it was being rolled out and was almost run over in the process, but was able to save himself with his quick feet.

Watch the video courtesy of MLB.com:

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Aug 7, 2011

Video: Braves Outfielder Licks His Bat After Fouling Off Pitch

We know major league baseball players will try different things to get a hit, but this may be a first: During an at-bat in today's game, Atlanta Braves center fielder Jose Costanza licks his bat while getting ready for the next pitch.

Video: Manchester United Wins Community Shield On Nani's Breakaway Goal In Injury Time

In today's soccer match for the 2011 Community Shield in the UK, Manchester United came back from a 2-0 deficit to win the match 3-2.  The player of the game for Man U was Nani, who scored a pair of goals, including a beautiful breakaway goal by Nani in injury time. 

Major League Baseball Bloopers: 8/6/11

Now here's some stuff you won't see every day in major league baseball:
  • Tampa Bay Rays infielder Sean Rodriguez hits a foul ball into the stands, on a fly, at Tropicana Field.  It ended up in a garbage can and led to a dispute among fans as to who could claim it, as one fan rushed down and pushed another fan out of the way to try to get the ball out of the garbage can.  In the end, security ruled that because of the bad behavior, the baseball would stay in the garbage can and no one would get it.  Just goes to show you that it doesn't pay to push and shove for a foul ball.

Aug 6, 2011

Video: Benches Clear In San Fran Brawl Between Phillies and Giants

There was a bench clearing brawl in San Francisco last night between the Philadelphia Phillies and the hometown Giants in what seems to be reflective of the higher level of competition between arguably the two best teams in the National League.

Aug 5, 2011

Aug 4, 2011

Video: Phillies' Hunter Pence Comes To Plate With Doughnut On Bat

On Monday night, the new Philadelphia Phillies outfielder Hunter Pence took his warmup swings in the on-deck circle for his at-bat in the top of the 10th inning with a doughnut on his bat, which is pretty normal for most batters.

However, when he came to the plate for his at-bat, he left the doughnut on his bat, which is not normal and led to a pretty embarrassing moment. He took a warmup swing before his teammates had to point out to him from the dugout that he forgot to take the doughnut off.

Former NFL and Police Academy star Charles "Bubba" Smith Dead at 66

R.I.P. Charles "Bubba" Smith, dead at the age of 66.

Smith played in the NFL for the Baltimore Colts, Oakland Raiders and Houston Oilers between 1967-1976.  After retiring from the NFL, he got into acting, taking guest roles in various TV shows over the years.

Smith is probably best known for his role as Officer Moses Hightower in the Police Academy movie series.  He starred in 6 Police Academy movies in all.  Most of his scenes involved sight gags revolving around his height (Smith stands 6' 7") and his strength.

Police Academy star Smith dead at 66 [IMDB]

Aug 3, 2011

Video: Mariners' Dustin Ackley Robbed Of Triple By Hometown Fan

Interesting stuff happening to the Mariners in Seattle yesterday.  First, infielder Brendan Ryan makes it all the way to third on an infield hit, and then this play:

Seattle Mariners second baseman Dustin Ackley hit a fair ball down the first base line and past Oakland A's first baseman Conor Jackson in the bottom of the third inning.  The ball was rolling slowly in foul territory but was still live and was good enough to be a triple.  Unfortunately, a hometown Seattle Mariners fan sitting in the front row reached over the railing from his seat and grabbed a baseball off the field, turning the play into a ground rule double.

Interestingly enough, the fan was wearing an Ichiro Susuki jersey and bears a striking resemblance to Ichiro, but that's neither here nor there.  The fan felt bad about what he had done, but unfortunately it was too late, and he was asked to leave the game by stadium security because of his interference. 

Ichiro Impersonator Interferes With Ball [Sports Grid]

Cardinals' Yadier Molina Confronts Home Plate Umpire After Called Third Strike, Gets Ejected

In Milwaukee, the hometown Brewers were hosting the division rival St. Louis Cardinals in a battle between the two top teams in the National League Central Division.  The game was tied 7-7 yesterday and went into extra innings, which led to some heavy tension.

In the top of the 10th inning, Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina was called out on a called third strike (and appeared to be a good call).  Molina was not pleased with the call and got right in the face of home plate umpire Rod Drake, leading to an immediate ejection.

Watch the video here courtesy of MLB.com.

Molina continued to go chest-to-chest with Drake and may have sent a little excess saliva in Drake's direction.  Molina did not appear to deliberately spit in Drake's face and the video shows nothing from Molina's mouth heading in Drake's direction, but Drake did step away to wipe his face.
"He was pushing at me," Molina said [after the game]. "I would never spit on any face of a man. That's not me. I was so sweaty, my face was so sweaty and I was yelling, yelling at him. I would never spit on anybody's face."

Molina continued to go after Drake and had to be restrained by a teammate as he kept yelling towards the home plate umpire.  Molina could be facing a suspension for making contact with Drake.

In the end, the Cardinals were able to score in a run in the top of the 11th to win the game 3-2. 

Lance Berkman, Cards cut Brewers' Central lead after Yadier Molina is ejected [AP via ESPN]

Aug 2, 2011

Video: Seattle Mariners' Brendan Ryan Gets To Third Base On Infield Hit

Seattle Mariners infielder Brendan Ryan get an infield hit in the first inning of tonight's game against the Oakland A's.  However, when he realized the A's infield was out of position, Ryan ran to second base.  Ryan realized that the A's were still asleep and no one was covering third base, so he made it all the way to third base on an infield hit.

Watch the video here courtesy of MLB.com.

Video: Pittsburgh Pirates Baserunning Confuses Chicago Cubs

This play provides a good example of what is wrong with the Chicago Cubs.

In the bottom of the first inning, Pittsburgh Pirates have a runner (Andrew McCutchen) on first base.  On the 2-2 pitch, McCutchen faked an attempt to steal second base by taking a couple of steps towards second and then stopping.  The pitch was low and outside, but Cubs catcher Geovany Soto apparently thought McCutchen was stealing, so he made a hard throw to second. 

Since McCutchen was not stealing, no Cubs infielder was covering second base, so as a result, Soto's throw heads into the outfield.  In the end, McCutchen got a free pass to second base.  

Commentators defended Soto by saying that someone in the Cubs dugout likely yelled "There he goes" implying that McCutchen was stealing.  Clearly there was a breakdown in communication on the part of the Chicago Cubs, and would seem to be just one more bad play in what has been a long season. 

Joe Theismann Commits Latest Twitter Fail With Donte' Stallworth Comment

NFL analyst, Joe Theismann had this to say on his Twitter account yesterday in regards to Donte' Stallworth, wide receiver for Joe's old team, the Washington Redskins:
"Hope Donte has a healthy yr. Could b DUI. maker"
Excuse me?  Joe, can you clarify that please?
 "I meant could b difference maker"
So, what say you?  Honest mistake or not?

Joe Theismann | Donte Stallworth DUI tweet [Sports Grid]

Video: Kobe Bryant Plays Soccer During NBA Lockout

Kobe Bryant has been keeping busy during the NBA lockout by practicing his soccer skills.

During halftime of a friendly match between FC Barcelona and Manchester United in Washington, DC, Bryant scored a goal on a penalty kick.

After his goal, you might think he would consider switching sports and joining the MLS.  Not so fast.

On the following day, Kobe Bryant took part in Mia Hamm's Celebrity Soccer Challenge to benefit her charitable foundation.  He was probably looking forward to showing off his skills with Mia Hamm and U.S. Women's soccer star Alex Morgan.

He did manage to score a goal.  Unfortunately, Kobe put the ball in his own team's net.

So, maybe Kobe should stick with basketball after all.

Kobe Bryant scores own goal in Mia Hamm's charity match [Dirty Tackle]

Aug 1, 2011

Video: Kicking Referees Is A Bad Idea

From the common sense files:  Soccer referees don't like having balls thrown at them.  They also don't like being kicked.

Video: Did This Soccer Player Commit The Worst Fake Dive Ever?

A member of the Dutch football (a.k.a. soccer) club FC Twente, Peter Wisgerhof, attempted to get a play stoppage in a match recently with this fake dive that fooled absolutely no one. 

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