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Sep 30, 2011

Video: Did Rays Fan Get Hit in the Groin By Dan Johnson's Ninth Inning Home Run?

There is no question that the game-tying home run hit by Tampa Bay Rays infielder Dan Johnson in the bottom of the ninth inning against the New York Yankees Wednesday night was one of the most exciting plays of the season in major league baseball.

What is in question, however, is whether a Rays fan in the front row of the right field seats was hit in the groin after Dan Johnson's home run ball bounced off of the foul pole.

Video: Canucks' Aaron Volpatti KOs Sharks' Brad Winchester With One Punch

In the second period of last night's NHL preseason game between the Vancouver Canucks and San Jose Sharks, a fight broke out between Vancouver's Aaron Volpatti and San Jose's Brad Winchester.

In reality, however, it wasn't much of a fight at all, as Volpatti KO'd Winchester with his first punch.

Sep 29, 2011

Video: Justin Bieber Golfs With Bubba Watson

Because some of you can't get enough of Justin Bieber, and you know who you are, here's a gratuitous video of Bieber swinging a golf club after the jump.

This video was posted on pro golfer Bubba Watson's Twitter account, where Watson had this to say:
This @justinbieber swing it's ok a for singer & dancer!! #Biebergotsomeskillz

Bubba Watson Golfs With Justin Bieber, Uploads Video of Kid's Swing [Sportress of Blogitude]

Video: Jimmy Kimmel Issues "Ridiculous Challenge" To Usain Bolt

Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Kimmel challenged the "World's Fastest Man", Usain Bolt, to a 40-yard dash outside the theater on Hollywood Boulevard.

Bolt was ready to defend his title but was not prepared for the surprise twist: he would have to race while carrying a giant wedding cake.

Video: Grandma Does Keg Stand Before LSU-West Virginia Game

The latest trend in college football this year seems to be stunts performed by grandmothers while tailgating.  Recently we had the Michigan grandmothers shotgunning beers.  Now, we have video making the rounds of an LSU grandmother doing a keg stand before last Saturday's game at West Virginia.

Video: MLB Network Announcers Go Nuts Watching Endings of Wednesday Night Baseball Games

The endings to last night's baseball games between the Boston Red Sox-Baltimore Orioles and the New York Yankees-Tampa Bay Rays were unbelievable, taking into account the playoff ramifications involved.

To get a feel for how crazy things were, you have to see Harold Reynolds and Dan Plesac in the MLB Network studios and their real-time reactions as they watched the end of these games unfold.

Video: Champions League Soccer Player Celebrates Goal By Acting Like a Dog Taking a Pee

In a Champions League soccer match, Midfielder Danny scored the final goal for Zenit St. Petersburg in their 3-1 victory over FC Porto.  Danny proceeded to celebrate by running over to the corner flag, getting down on all fours, crawling a few steps and then lifting his left leg, pretending to pee like a dog.  

Video: Dodgers' Rod Barajas Cradles Teammate Dee Gordon Like a Baby

A couple of Los Angeles Dodgers teammates have been going through a strange pre-game ritual during the month of September. Catcher Rod Barajas and shortstop Dee Gordon start their routine with some choreographed hand slaps, but then Gordon jumps into the catcher's arms and Barajas cradles him like a baby.

Sep 28, 2011

Video: Twins Players Laugh As First Base Coach Jerry Lee Gets Hit With Foul Ball

The Minnesota Twins got a good laugh as first base coach Jerry Lee tried unsuccessfully to avoid being hit by a slow ground ball that was hit foul by Matt Tolbert at Target Field yesterday.

Video: Home Plate Umpire Loses Count of Balls and Strikes During Adam Dunn At-Bat

In Chicago yesterday, the home plate umpire Gary Cederstrom had an embarrassing moment when he lost track of the ball and strike count, causing a lengthy delay in the game between the White Sox and the visiting Toronto Blue Jays.

Video: Cleveland Browns Fan Celebrates Game-Winning Touchdown...On The Field With The Players

When Cleveland Browns receiver Mohamed Massaquoi caught the game-winning touchdown in Cleveland against the Miami Dolphins this past Sunday, he celebrated with a group of his teammates...and a Browns fan who somehow snuck onto the field.

Watch the video as the fan comes out of nowhere to join the group of Browns players congratulating Massaquoi. It almost looks as if he belongs there, until you start thinking about it and realizing that he doesn't belong there. How did that fan get onto the field? Where the heck was security? The guy actually put his hands on Massaquoi and patted him on the behind.

With the NFL talking about increasing security at its games, it's hard to fathom how something like this could happen. The NFL got lucky here. Let's hope they look at this tape and learn from it.

Browns fan celebrates game-winning touchdown on the field [Shutdown Corner]

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Video: Taiwanese Dad Drops Daughter For Foul Ball

You would think that a parent's top priority would be to protect their children from getting hurt when danger comes their way, such as a foul ball heading into the stands at a baseball game. However, there have been some unfortunate examples recently of fathers at baseball games being more concerned with catching the foul balls.

After seeing a Los Angeles Dodger fan drop his daughter while trying to catch a ball back in June, you would hope that people would learn from it. Unfortunately it has happened again, but this time in Taiwan.

Sep 27, 2011

Video: Hope Solo and Alex Morgan Star In Newest ESPN SportsCenter Commercial

U.S. Women's soccer team stars Hope Solo and Alex Morgan are maximizing their star potential by filming more commercials.  Following up their recent commercial for the Nintendo Wii "Just Dance Summer Party" video game, they are now starring in the latest "This is SportsCenter" commercial filmed at the ESPN offices.

Video: Soccer Player Scores Long-Range Goal On Header From Own Half

In a Norwegian league soccer match, Jone Samuelsen of Odd Grenland scores a goal on a header...from his own half.

Video: Penn State Athletic Trainer Falls Off Cart

At Penn State this past Saturday, defensive back D'Anton Lynn had to be carted off the field strapped to a backboard. Fortunately he will be OK...and so will the trainer who fell off the cart that was carrying Lynn off the field.

Video: Houston Astros Host Star Wars Night at Minute Maid Park

Various major league teams have held Star Wars festivities this month, such as the San Francisco Giants and New York Mets.  Last night at Minute Maid Park, it was the Houston Astros' turn to host Star Wars Night to celebrate the recent release of the complete Star Wars movie collection on Blu-Ray, and to raise some money for the "Stand Up to Cancer" charity.

Sep 26, 2011

Video: CFL Defensive Back Korey Banks Collides With Goalpost

A scary moment occurred in a CFL football game this past weekend where a defensive back collided with a goalpost.

Video: Chicago Bears Pull Awesome Trick Punt Return For Touchdown...But It Doesn't Count

The Chicago Bears executed the best special teams play of the season. Unfortunately for the Bears, a holding penalty negated what would have been a fourth quarter touchdown.

Video: Michael Vick Is Not Blaming The Refs For His Injured Hand...But He Is Blaming The Refs For His Injured Hand

Michael Vick's non-throwing hand was broken during the Philadelphia Eagles' loss to the New York Giants yesterday. During the post-game press conference, Vick expressed some frustration with the officials.

Video: Jets' Jeremy Kerley Returns Punt Without a Helmet

New York Jets rookie receiver Jeremy Kerley had his helmet ripped off by two Oakland Raiders defenders while avoiding a tackle on a punt return yesterday.  Despite the rule declaring the play dead at that instant, Kerley continued the punt return anyway, without his helmet.

Sep 25, 2011

Video: University of Miami Fan Caught on Camera Making Inappropriate Hand Gestures

During ESPNU's coverage of the Kansas State-Miami matchup on Saturday, cameras caught one University of Miami fan making an inappropriate gesture with his hands.

Video: FOX NFL Sunday Apologizes For Fake Jay Cutler Headlines

FOX NFL Sunday anchor Curt Menafee offered an apology on behalf of FOX to Jay Cutler and the Chicago Bears organization. The apology was for making up news headlines and telling viewers that they were real during a segment that aired during the Atlanta Falcons-Chicago Bears game in the opening game of the season.

Video: Mike Fontenot Collides With Umpire While Attempting to Field Ground Ball

San Francisco Giants second baseman Mike Fontenot was knocked silly when he collided with second base umpire Bruce Dreckman while attempting to field a grounder in the first inning of yesterday's game against the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Sep 24, 2011

Video: Brewers Closer John Axford Does Comedy Sketch For Mustache Spray

Most people are not familiar with John Axford, a relief pitcher for the Milwaukee Brewers. Axford will probably have some more attention coming his way as the Milwaukee Brewers just clinched their first division title since 1982 and will be playing in the National League playoffs next week.

In addition to playing the role of closer for the Milwaukee Brewers, Axford also has a pretty interesting mustache on his face.  That mustache will certainly get him some additional attention.  To show that he's having some fun with it, Axford took part in a comedy sketch that was a commercial for "John Axford's Ax Mustache Spray".

Video: Brazilian Soccer Referee Caught Fake Diving

It's bad enough to watch soccer players dive to the ground to fake an injury.  However, it's even more embarrassing to see that now referees are getting into the act, such as this ref from Brazil that was caught in the video just after the jump.

It happened in a recent first round match of the first phase of the Brazilian Championship Series between Mirassol and Operario-PR. Operario-PR won the match 3-0, but one of Operario's players, George Santos Silva, was given a red card at the 38th minute of the match.

After referee Rodrigo Nunes de Sa gives Silva the red card, Silva gets in the ref's face to argue. However, instead of walking away or standing firm, the referee pretends to be a victim of Silva's punch, falling to the ground and covering his face.

It's very obvious from the video, especially watching it in slow motion, that the player never touched him.  However, police were actually brought onto the field to help take Silva off the field and keep him separated from the referee.  Not sure how the Brazilian players are supposed to take this referee seriously going forward.

Now Soccer Refs are Diving [Sports Pickle]

Video: College Soccer Goalie Scores Own Goal With Clearance Kick Off Teammate's Head

It's bad enough to be responsible for an own goal in a soccer match.  However, it's even worse when you're the goalie...and you score the own goal with attempted clearance kick that deflects off the back of your teammate's head.

Chest Bump Celebration Fail (Video): High School Running Back Knocks Down Kicker After Scoring Touchdown

Looks like failed chest bump celebrations are becoming a trend this year in high school football.  This time, a high school running back in Florida knocks his kicker with an unexpected chest bump after scoring a touchdown. 

Sep 23, 2011

Video: High School Football Player Knocked Out While Celebrating...a Pass Deflection?

If you're a football player and you want to celebrate a play by giving your teammate a chest bump, make sure your teammate is ready to give you one in return.  Otherwise you could get hurt, even knocked out, like the high school football player in the video after the jump.

Video: Angel Pagan Hits Himself In Head With His Own Bat

New York Mets outfielder Angel Pagan has had his share of injury problems this year.  Pagan almost hurt himself again yesterday after swinging at a pitch and hitting himself in the back of the head with his bat.

Video: ESPN Sideline Reporter Jenn Brown Calls Cincinnati Head Football Coach Butch Jones as "Bitch"

In ESPN's Thursday night college football primetime game, the Cincinnati Bearcats won handily over the NC State Wolfpack 44-14.

Cincinnati's head coach Butch Jones must have been pretty happy about that. However, you have to wonder what his reaction was when he heard that ESPN sideline reporter Jenn Brown got his name wrong after their halftime interview.

Sep 22, 2011

West Virginia Wants To Buy Your Vulgar T-Shirts

The West Virginia football team has a big test this Saturday as LSU comes to town.  The WVU fans will be tested as well, to see if they can avoid being caught on camera with a vulgar T-shirt

To help make sure that this doesn't happen, a West Virginia University student group is taking a stand by offering $20 to buy your vulgar T-shirt.

Video: Oakland A's Fan Catches Foul Ball, Knocked Over By Brandon Allen

In Oakland yesterday, a fan in the front row made a barehanded catch of a foul ball...while being hit in the face by first baseman Brandon Allen's glove.   

Sep 21, 2011

Video: Ric Flair Visits Dustin Pedroia in Boston Red Sox Clubhouse

Boston Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia received a shock yesterday when he received a clubhouse visit from one of his idols:  wrestling champion Ric Flair.

Sep 20, 2011

Video: Ryan Fitzpatrick's Celebrates Game-Winning Touchdown Pass With Failed Chest Bumps

After throwing the game winning touchdown pass with 14 seconds left in Sunday's game against the Oakland Raiders, Buffalo Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick wanted to celebrate with some teammates. However, things became awkward when Fitzpatrick tried to chest bump teammates who either weren't looking or weren't ready to give him a chest bump him in return.

Video: Two Giants Players Fake Injury at Same Time To Slow Rams No-Huddle Offense

In the first quarter of last night's Monday Night Football game, the New York Giants needed a way to slow down the St. Louis Rams' no-huddle offense, as the Rams had driven all the way down to the Giants 7-yard line.

How did the Giants do it? Two of their players dropped to the ground and faked an injury at the same time.

Sep 19, 2011

Video: Michael Boley Scores Touchdown, Throws Football In Cameraman Assistant's Face

New York Giants linebacker Michael Boley scored a touchdown on a 65-yard fumble recovery in tonight's Monday Night Football game against the St. Louis Rams.

To celebrate the touchdown, Boley promptly threw the football right in an unsuspecting cameraman assistant's face. The ball then bounced directly into the back of the head of the cameraman.

Video: Thom Brennaman Calls Frank Gore "Al Gore"

You would think that there would be no way for someone to confuse San Francisco 49ers running back Frank Gore with former Vice President Al Gore. Apparently not.

Video: Marv Albert Calls The Cleveland Browns "The Cavs"

During Sunday's CBS coverage of the NFL football game between the Cleveland Browns and the Indianapolis Colts, Marv Albert, better known as an NBA broadcaster, was caught on the air referring to the Browns as "the Cavs".

Video: Two Tailgating Grandmas Caught Shotgunning Beers Before Michigan Football Game

If someone told you that two elderly women, old enough to be grandmothers, were drinking beers shotgun style while tailgating in Ann Arbor before Michigan's game this past Saturday, you'd tell them they were crazy.

Video: ESPN's Joe Morgan Leads "World's Largest Chicken Dance" at Cincinnati's Oktoberfest Celebration

As many people know, ESPN baseball analyst (and major league baseball Hall of Famer) Joe Morgan was a part of the legendary Cincinnati Reds team that won back-to-back World Series titles in the 1970s.  This past Sunday, Morgan returned to Cincinnati to lead the "World's Largest Chicken Dance" as part of their Oktoberfest celebration. 

Video: David Beckham Goes Undercover As Target Employee On The Ellen Degeneres Show

In the funniest sketch you will see today, international soccer star David Beckham goes undercover as a Target employee selling his own cologne in a hidden camera sketch for a recent episode of the Ellen Degeneres show.

Video: Jamaal Charles' Season Over After Freak Injury Causes Torn ACL

As if getting blown out in their two games of the 2011 season wasn't bad enough for the Kansas City Chiefs, they just found out that their best player, Jamaal Charles, is out for the season with a torn ACL

Video: How Much Will Dunta Robinson Be Fined For His Helmet-to-Helmet Hit On Jeremy Maclin?

After Atlanta Falcons cornerback Dunta Robinson's headfirst tackle of Philadelphia Eagles receiver Jeremy Maclin in Sunday night's football game, the question is not whether Robinson will be fined, but how much will the fine be?

There's no question after looking at the replay that Dunta Robinson led with his head, as he made no attempt to make a proper tackle by wrapping up Maclin and bringing him down to the ground.

Robinson was fined $25,000 last year for a helmet-to-helmet hit, which also came against the Philadelphia Eagles (in that case Robinson's hit was on receiver DeSean Jackson). The fine was supposed to send a message to Dunta Robinson that helmet-to-helmet hits are not appropriate. Now that Robinson has done it again, you would think that Robinson will receive a much larger fine this time, and he may get suspended.

Fortunately, Maclin was OK and actually had a very good game overall, with 13 catches for 171 yards and 2 touchdowns.

UPDATE 9/20/11:  Dunta Robinson has been fined $40K for the hit, with no suspension.

Dunta Robinson Headhunts (again)... [Sports Grid]

Sep 18, 2011

Video: Hope Solo and Alex Morgan Demonstrate Their Moves for Nintendo Wii "Just Dance Summer Party" Video Game Commercial

US Women's soccer stars Hope Solo and Alex Morgan recently filmed a commercial for the Nintendo Wii's "Just Dance Summer Party" video game, which gave them an opportunity to show off their dance moves.

Photo: Temple Fan Caught With Dirty Word on T-Shirt...Sort Of

In Philadelphia yesterday, Temple football fans were excited for their matchup against state rival Penn State. However, one Temple fan was caught in the stands with a "censored" curse word on the back of his T-Shirt that probably stepped over the line in terms of poor taste.

Brewers' Yovani Gallardo Gets Four Strikeouts In One Inning

Milwaukee Brewers pitcher Yovani Gallardo recorded 13 strikeouts in yesterday's 10-1 win over the hometown Cincinnati Reds.  Along the way, Gallardo became one of the few pitchers to achieve the rare accomplishment of posting four strikeouts in one inning.

Sep 17, 2011

Texas' Marquise Goodwin Knocks Helmet Off UCLA's Andrew Abbott On Illegal Crackback Block

Texas Longhorns wide receiver Marquise Goodwin was flagged for a personal foul penalty for illegal contact above the shoulder in the second quarter in today's game against UCLA today. That "illegal contact" from Goodwin came in the form of a helmet-to-helmet crackback block on UCLA cornerback Andrew Abbott that was so vicious that it knocked Abbott's helmet clean off.

Video: Cheerleader Run Over By High School Football Team

A scary sight at San Luis Obispo High School in California when a cheerleader was run over from behind by one of the football players leading his team out of the tunnel.

BYU Fans Apparently Don't Know How To Cheer For Their Team

You wonder what it says about the BYU football fan base that they actually put together a video showing the fans how to cheer for their team.

Video: Reporters Disgusted With Jim Leyland's Refusal To Change Underwear

Last night the Detroit Tigers beat the Oakland Athletics 3-1 to win the American League Central Division title. It was Detroit's first division championship since 1987.

Tigers manager Jim Leyland was particularly emotional after his team clinched the title.  However, Leyland's tears of joy could have also been expressing his relief in being able to wear a clean pair of underwear.

Sep 16, 2011

Video: Australian Soccer Ball Boy Hit in Face By Missed Shot

In a Queensland football match in Australia, a shot goes over the crossbar and deflects off a fence on the outer rim of the pitch behind the goal, hitting a ball boy square in the face.

Photo: Blonde Mississippi State Bulldogs Fan Shown On National Television With Misspelled Sign

During ESPN's Thursday night college football broadcast of the LSU-Mississippi State game, a female fan was caught holding a misspelled sign on national television. 

8-Year-Old Skateboarder Evan Doherty Lands 720 On Vertical Ramp

Evan Doherty, currently 8 years old, is a competitive skater from Kansas City, Missouri.  Earlier this week he became the youngest skateboarder to land a 720-degree rotation (two full rotations) on a vert ramp.

Due Diligence: 9/16/11 Edition

Some random musings from around the world of sports:

Sporting KC Forward CJ Sapong Recites Poem/Rap For Hope Solo

Sporting KC forward CJ Sapong has become the latest Internet sensation with his poem/rap that he performed for US Women's National soccer team goalkeeper (and soon-to-be "Dancing With the Stars" competitor) Hope Solo.

Sep 15, 2011

Curt Schilling Throws Ceremonial First Pitch...Over Catcher's Head

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Arizona Diamondbacks 2001 World Series championship, the 2001 team was invited to celebrate before Saturday night's game against the San Diego Padres.

The 2001 World Series co-MVPs, pitchers Randy Johnson and Curt Schilling, threw out the ceremonial first pitch.  Randy Johnson's pitch was a good one, but Curt Schilling's pitch sailed over retired catcher Damian Miller's head. 

Video: Texas Rangers Fan Catches Foul Ball, Continues Cell Phone Conversation

A Texas Rangers fan in the stands made a nice catch of a foul ball with his glove...and continuing a cell phone conversation at the same time. 

Video: Tom Brady Tells Patriots Fans To "Start Drinking Early" and "Get Lubed Up"

Today a reporter asked New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady if he had a message for the fans coming to the game on Sunday. Brady said "Start drinking early...get nice and rowdy."

Sep 14, 2011

ESPN's Erin Andrews Works Out in SELF Magazine

ESPN reporter Erin Andrews recently took part in a photo shoot for SELF magazine, which featured Andrews demonstrating various CrossFit Total Body Workout moves.

Video: Serena Williams Temper Tantrum Recreated In Taiwanese Animation

The Serena Williams tirade that was directed towards the match umpire during the US Open women's final this past Sunday has inspired Taiwanese animation with some harsh critique over the incident. 

Video: New York Mets Host "Star Wars" Night at Citi Field

There has been a big push to promote the release of the "Star Wars" movie saga on Blu-Ray on September 16th, especially in major league baseball.  It continued last night at Citi Field in New York as the Mets held "Star Wars" night.

"Big Philly Fan" Has Nothing Better To Do But Make Terrible Video of J-Lo Song

A Youtube user named JGarzzle, who refers to himself as the "Big Philly Fan", recently uploaded a music video he made to shows his love for the Philadelphia Phillies.  The name of the video is "Phillies on the Floor", a song "parody" inspired by the Jennifer Lopez hit "On the Floor", but he substituted his own "lyrics" written as a tribute to the team.

After viewing the video, however, it is unlikely that Phillies fans, or anyone else for that matter, are going to be "inspired" by it.  Viewers will either be rolling on the floor laughing...or totally weirded out.

Sep 13, 2011

Video: Wayne Gretzky Hops on the "Trick Shot" Video Bandwagon

Wayne Gretzky had some fun recently making a "trick shot" video for the College Humor web site.  Something tells me it may be difficult for anyone to match these shots.

Video: Chicago Blackhawks' Jonathan Toews Knocks Out Kid at Hockey Camp With Accidental Body Check

Chicago Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews was demonstrating his skills at his youth hockey camp in Canada recently when he knocks down one of the kids with an accidental body check. 

Video: Fan Brought Taser To Cowboys-Jets Game...And Used It

At MetLife Stadium Sunday night, a scary moment happened in the stands during the Dallas Cowboys-New York Jets game.  A fan managed to bring a taser into the stadium (despite supposedly heightened security at the game) and used it, and it was caught via cell phone camera.

ESPN's Ron Jaworski Curses Live On Air During Patriots-Dolphins Game, Later Apologizes

ESPN Monday Night Football analyst Ron Jaworski threw an accidental curse during the live broadcast of the game between the New England Patriots and Miami Dolphins last night, and it slipped past the censors.

Sep 11, 2011

Video: Foul Ball Gets Stuck in Catwalks of Tropicana Field During Rays Game

You know the saying "What goes up must come down"? 

Apparently that doesn't apply at Tropicana Field in Tampa Bay.  During yesterday's Rays game against the Boston Red Sox, Rays center fielder B.J. Upton hit a high fly ball up into the catwalks near the top of the stadium...but it never came back down into the field of play.

Sep 10, 2011

Brilliant Commercial For Star Wars Blu-Ray and ESPN Fantasy Football

The commercial that simultaneously promotes the upcoming release of the Star Wars saga on Blu-Ray and the start of the ESPN Fantasy Football season is too good not to pass along.

Video: Oregon State Punter Kicks Negative 4-Yard Punt

Oregon State came into today's college football game against 8th-ranked Wisconsin as 21-point underdogs, so they were going to have to play their best just to keep the game respectable. However, after Oregon State punter Johnny Hekker kicked the ball off the side of his foot for what officially recorded as a negative-4-yard punt in the first quarter, they had to know it was going to be a really long day.

Video: Iowa State Fans Rip Cy-Hawk Trophy Apart While Celebrating Win Over Iowa

The Iowa State Cyclones upset their cross-state rival Iowa Hawkeyes in triple overtime, 44-41. Afterwards, the Iowa State players grabbed the Cy-Hawk trophy and began to pass it around to the fans who stormed the field. However, as the fans were passing around the Cy-Hawk trophy to themselves, the trophy came apart into pieces.

Video: Novak Djokovic Celebrates Win Over Roger Federer With a Little Dance at US Open

At the US Open today, Novak Djokovic rallied after being down two sets to pull off a five-set victory over Roger Federer to advance to the final on Monday. Afterwards, Djokovic told CBS reporter Mary Jo Fernandez that he would dance for the crowd if the fans danced with him.

Video: Marlins' Omar Infante Gets Home Run With Help From Pirates' Alex Presley

Florida Marlins second baseman Omar Infante had two home runs yesterday in Pittsburgh during a 13-4 victory over the Pirates last night.  Infante's second home run could have been caught by Pirates outfielder Alex Presley, but the ball bounced off Presley's glove and over the wall in left field.

Sep 9, 2011

Video: Packers' Charles Woodson Punches Saints' David Thomas in the Crotch

In the opening game of the NFL season last night, the Green Bay Packers defeated the New Orleans Saints 42-34. In the third quarter, Packers defensive back Charles Woodson got a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty after getting  into a scuffle with Saints tight end David Thomas and punching him in the crotch.

Video: Toronto Fans Search For Foul Ball...In Fair Territory

In Toronto last night, a few fans raced through the empty upper deck seats of the Rogers Center to look for a foul ball hit by Blue Jays right fielder Jose Bautista.  There was only one problem:  they were looking through the ball in sections of the upper deck that were in fair territory

Sep 8, 2011

Video: Fan Hit By Will Venable's Home Run Ball At Padres Game

A fan in the right field stands of Petco Park in San Diego was hit by a home run ball hit by Padres right fielder Will Venable yesterday.  The ultimate irony:  he was standing next to a sign warning fans to "be aware".

Sep 7, 2011

Video: Rays' Joel Peralta Throws Quick Pitch For Strike Three Call

Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Joel Peralta has been known for occasionally "speeding up" on batters by throwing a pitch before the batter are ready.  He pulled the trick again last night, and caught one of the Texas Rangers off guard for a called third strike. 

Video: Indians' Vinnie Pestano Chases Squirrel Off The Field

It seems like major league baseball is being taken over by the animal kingdom, as they have been finding their way onto the field with surprising frequency in the last few days.

Last night we had a black cat jump onto the field at the Mets-Marlins game in Florida.  Today, a squirrel made its way onto the field in Cleveland and had to be chased off the field.

Video: Danny Hart Wins Mountain Biking World Championship, British Broadcast Team Goes Nuts

When it comes to sports, we normally don't care too much about bicycle racing, outside of the Tour de France, and downhill mountain bike racing falls even further down on the list.  However, a video from a recent mountain bike race is making the rounds and getting people's attention for two reasons:  one being that the British biker in the video is really good, and the other being that the call by the British broadcast team is completely hilarious.

Video: Dwight Howard Joins Children For Traditional Mongol Dance

Video has recently surfaced of Orlando Magic All-Star Dwight Howard taking part in a traditional Mongolian dance.  That video is now available here.

Baseball Bloopers: 9/7/11

Links to a few strange plays around baseball from yesterday:

Video: Padres' Chris Denorfia Struck In Head By Pickoff Throw

San Diego Padres outfielder Chris Denorfia was leading off second base in the bottom of the second inning yesterday and had to quickly run back to second to avoid a pickoff throw by San Francisco Giants pitcher Eric Surkamp. 

He did make it back to second, but Giants second baseman Jeff Keppinger wasn't able to get his glove on it. As a result, Surkamp's pickoff throw managed to strike Denorfia directly in the head.

Sep 6, 2011

Video: Caroline Wozniacki Imitates Rafael Nadal's Cramping During Press Conference

In Caroline Wozniacki's post-match press conference after a victory in her US Open Tennis match yesterday, she managed to make light of the cramping that Rafael Nadal was suffering through in his press conference earlier in the day.

Video: US Open Fan Entertains Fans With His Dancing

One particular fan in the stands of Arthur Ashe Stadium a few nights ago provided some entertainment in between matches at the US Open with his dancing.  Check it out after the jump.

Due Diligence: 9/6/11 Edition

A few quick notes to pass along:
  • The majority opinion seems to be thumbs down for the Maryland football uniforms last night.  I respect the incorporation of the state flag into the uniform, but that doesn't mean we have to like it.  Hopefully next time they can choose one of the other 16 variations of uniform combinations they have lined up.
  • At the World Track and Field Championships, a female long jumper from Belarus lost out on the gold medal because the hair in her pony tail hit the ground behind her body, leaving a mark in the sand and shortening her jump from 6.9 meters to 6.74 meters, while the winning jump was 6.82 meters.  The consensus opinion here is that she'll probably give strong consideration to getting a haircut after this.
  • Golfer Nick Watley had trouble hitting the ball out of a hazard at the Deutsche Bank Championships yesterday.  He lost his temper and smashed a rock with his wedge.  Since the rock was in the hazard, he had effectively grounded the ball, leading to an automatic two-stroke penalty.  Sometimes it's better to keep your cool rather than make a bad situation worse.

Sep 5, 2011

Video: Taylor Green Kicks Dust Into Brewers Dugout, Gives Teammate a "Dirt Shower"

Milwaukee Brewers third baseman Taylor Green made a valiant attempt to pursue a foul ball in the bottom of the first inning against the St. Louis Cardinals tonight. Unfortunately, not only was Green unable to get the foul ball, but as he slid into the Brewers dugout, he kicked up a cloud of dust right in the faces of his teammates.

Video: Mardy Fish Loses Temper, And Match, Against Jo-Wilfried Tsonga at US Open

In US Open tennis action today, Frenchman Jo-Wilfried Tsonga defeated Mardy Fish, but not before Fish hurled an insult in his direction that was caught during live coverage of today's match.

NBC Sports Bloopers: Jimmy Roberts Nearly Curses Live On Air When Describing Home Run Shot by Victor Martinez

NBC Sports broadcaster Jimmy Roberts got excited during a sports update when describing a home run by Detroit Tigers catcher Victor Martinez.  Roberts was so excited, in fact, that he probably forgot that he was live on the air and nearly uttered a curse word before catching himself.

Video: Ana Ivanovic's Wind-Blown Dress Takes Center Stage In Match Against Serena Williams

CBS coverage of today's US Open tennis match between Serena Williams and Ana Ivanovic showed the wind becoming a bit of a factor in the second set, especially when it came to Ivanovic's dress.

Video: Argentina Football Player Julian Velazquez Collides With Goalpost

In an Argentina football match, Independiente defender Julian Velazquez suffered a painful collision with a goalpost when clearing away a shot on goal from the opposing team.

Video: Fan Interference Causes Controversy In Phillies-Marlins Game

The Philadelphia Phillies will be protesting yesterday's 14-inning 5-4 loss to the Florida Marlins due to a Hunter Pence double that was ruled an out due to fan interference. 

Video: Two Fans Hurt By Flying Objects In Second Inning of Florida Marlins Game

In the bottom of the second inning during Sunday's Florida Marlins game against the Philadelphia Phillies, two fans were hit by flying objects.  A young boy was hit in the shoulder with a foul ball, and a woman was hit in the head with the barrel of a broken bat.

Video: Umpires Escorted By Star Wars Stormtroopers in San Francisco

At AT&T Park in San Francisco Sunday, the Giants held Star Wars day.  As part of the Star Wars theme, the umpires for the game were escorted to the field by Stormtroopers.

Video: Twins' Trevor Plouffe Loses Track of Outs, Allows Angels To Score

You wonder why major league baseball players remind their teammates how many outs there are after every play?  Because losing track could end up giving a run to the other team...and it makes you look really silly, like it did for Minnesota Twins second baseman Trevor Plouffe yesterday. 

Sep 4, 2011

Video: ESPN Cameras Show Dirty Word on West Virginia Fan's T-Shirt

ESPN may have some explaining to do after their cameras showed a West Virginia fan with a strategically placed curse word between the "West" and "Virginia" on his shirt during their football game against Marshall.

Video: Rafael Nadal Collapses From Leg Cramp Pain During Press Conference After Match

Rafael Nadal appeared to be in serious pain during a press conference held after his straight-set victory over David Nalbandian in his US Open tennis match today.  Nadal spent so much time grimacing in pain that he couldn't answer questions, and he eventually collapsed out of his chair and onto the floor.

Video: Eric Hosmer's Glove Rips When Trying To Catch Line Drive

It's bad enough that the Kansas City Royals won't pay big money to sign big-time free agent baseball players, but apparently they don't have enough money to give the players they have quality equipment.  It showed yesterday when a liner to first base went right through the webbing of Eric Hosmer's glove.

Video: Notre Dame Upset By South Florida, Brian Kelly Upset By Notre Dame's Performance

After a rain delay that lasted over two hours, South Florida upset Notre Dame 23-20 in their first ever visit to South Bend, Indiana. How upset was Fighting Irish head coach Brian Kelly?

Sep 3, 2011

Video: Foul Tip Gets Stuck In Mariners Catcher Josh Bard's Facemask

It's not uncommon for a batter to foul tip a ball into the catcher's mask, but it's not every day that you see a foul tip actually get stuck in the catcher's mask.  That's what happened to Seattle Mariners catcher Josh Bard when Oakland A's shortstop Cliff Pennington hit a foul tip straight back and the baseball got lodged in between the bars of Bard's facemask

Video: Young Tigers Fan Drops Foul Ball From Glove But Celebrates Anyway

A young Tigers fan in Detroit had a golden opportunity to catch a foul ball, but dropped it even though it landed right in his glove.  However, he began celebrating as if he caught the ball, which made him look pretty silly.

Video: Pirates' Josh Harrison Gets Double On Infield Hit

As if the Chicago Cubs needed another reminder about how bad this season has gone, they got another one yesterday when they gave up a double on an infield hit.

Video: Referee Calls TCU For False Start Penalty On "Everyone But the Center"

In the first Friday of the college football season, Baylor pulls off a shocking upset of 14th ranked TCU in a 50-48 shootout victory.   Baylor's crowd clearly did their job of making it hard for TCU to call the offense at the line of scrimage, as at one point the referee called a false start penalty on "everyone but the center".

Sep 2, 2011

Video: Worst Track and Field Announcer Ever...Or Just a Bad Day at the Office?

Ever have a bad day at the office?  Well, it probably wasn't as bad as the day that British TV sports presenter Ortis Deley had when covering the 2011 World Track and Field Championships.  It's bad enough that he made more than his share of mistakes, but most of them were made on live TV and now the footage will live forever on the Internet.

Video: Kansas City Royals Pitcher Throws Wild Pitch During Intentional Walk

It's not uncommon to a pitcher to throw a wild pitch once in a while.  However, it is unusual for a pitcher to throw a wild pitch during an intentional walk.  

Video: Florida Marlins Pitcher Smashes Gatorade Cup Holder In Dugout After Being Removed From Game In Middle of At-Bat

Florida Marlins manager Jack McKeon made the unusual move of removing pitcher Clay Hensley from the game in the middle of an at-bat in the bottom of the third inning.  That apparently upset Hensley, who smashed a Gatorade cup holder in the dugout as he left the game.

Sep 1, 2011

Video: New College Football Analyst Describes Offensive Lineman Getting "Beat Like a Stepchild"

Retired NFL safety Chuck Cecil is beginning a new career as a college football analyst for ESPN.  His inexperience showed early on tonight, as he used a poor choice of words when describing the play of an offensive lineman in the first quarter. 

Video: Youth Football Referee Attacked By Coaches And Players During Brawl in Florida

A very scary scene in Florida yesterday during a youth football game as coaches and at least one player attacked a referee.

Video: Cliff Lee Doesn't Bother Running Out Ground Balls

You know how baseball players are supposed to run to first base no matter what happens?  They teach that in Little League, don't they?  Well, apparently Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Cliff Lee doesn't think he has to abide by this rule.

Ryan Braun Fails To Get Inside-The-Park Home Run When He Falls After Rounding Third Base

In Wednesday night's game at Milwaukee, Brewers left fielder Ryan Braun could have had an inside-the-park home run if he was able to keep his balance after rounding third base. Instead, Braun only gets credit for a triple after falling down before reaching home plate and getting caught in a rundown.

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