Austrian Soccer Player Takes Bicycle Kick To The Face (Video)

In a recent soccer match in Germany, FC Kaiserslautern's Dorge Kouemaha uses an acrobatic move to clear the ball as Werder Bremen defenseman Sebastian Prodl is attacking the net. Kouemaha was successful in clearing the ball, and was also successful in kicking Prodl directly in the face.

The clearest shot of the kick to the face comes with the slow motion replay at about 0:53 into the video:

Prodl's face was extremely bloody as the game was stopped so he could receive medical attention. That had to hurt.

Not sure what good the medical staffers could do with that tiny blue blanket they brought out near the end of the video. They covered Prodl's back with it, which made no sense since Prodl got hit in the face.

Werder Bremen’s Sebastian Prödl gets a face full of boot [Dirty Tackle]
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