Glen "Big Baby" Davis Gets Technical Foul For Acting Like A Big Baby (Video)

During the third quarter of last night's NBA game in Orlando, Magic forward Glen Davis, who goes by the nickname "Big Baby", was called for a foul against San Antonio Spurs forward Richard Jefferson.

Davis was unhappy with the call and argued with the official, but got himself a technical foul by taking things one step too far: for some unexplicable reason, Davis decided to pull down his shorts.

Fortunately, Davis had spandex shorts underneath so he did not expose himself to fans and viewers, but you have to wonder what Davis was thinking. It's hard to recall any other time that an NBA player has intentionally dropped trou during a game. It's safe to say that "Big Baby" Davis lived up to his name in this case by acting like a big baby.

The Spurs beat the Magic 85-83 in OT.

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Big Baby Pulls His Shorts Down During Game, Gets Well Deserved Technical Foul [Cosby Sweaters]
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