Middle School Boys Basketball Game in South Carolina Ends With Exciting Final Seconds (Video)

The buzzer beater that ended a middle school boys basketball game in South Carolina between Hilton Head and Beaufort middle schools earlier this week closed out what may have been the most exciting finish to a basketball game at any level (at least this season).

At the start of the video, Beaufort leads Hilton Head by 2 points and there are about 30 seconds left in the game. Hilton Head makes a lay-up to tie the game, then steals the ball from Beaufort after the inbounds pass and makes another easy lay-up to take a 2-point lead.

Beaufort then throws the ball to midcourt, but the pass is intercepted by Hilton Head. However, Beaufort quickly intercepts a Hilton Head pass, and a Beaufort player drives the ball from midcourt all the way to the basket to tie the game again.

Hilton Head inbounds the ball to PJ Franklin, who heaves the ball from three-quarter court, with the ball going in as the buzzer sounds to clinch the 40-37 victory as the home fans went crazy.

Middle School Basketball Game Has Most Frantic Ending Ever [Sports Grid]
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