Novak Djokovic Had Awesome Celebration After Winning Australian Open (Video)

Novak Djokovic was really, really pumped after defeating Rafael Nadal in an epic five set match. After emerging victorious in the longest Australian Open final match ever (almost 6 hours), Djokovic deserved to let loose during his celebration after the final point.

Djokovic's intensity was captured perfectly by the ESPN overhead camera as he dropped down to the ground, pumped his fists and let out a primal scream (hit pause at around the 48-49 second mark to catch it). After shaking his hands with Nadal and the umpire, Djokovic ripped off his shirt and let out a few more fist pumps and screams as he went over to his family's box to celebrate.

ESPN cameras caught former NBA All-Star Vlade Divac celebrating with Djokovic's family in the player's box (at around the 1:47 mark of the video).

ESPN video via. H/T Sports Grid.
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