Packers' Pat Lee Scores Safety For Lions On Bungled Kickoff Return (Video)

Green Bay Packers kickoff returner Pat Lee gave NFL fans a lesson on kickoff return rules by scoring a safety for the Lions when he mishandled a Detroit Lions kickoff in the end zone during the first quarter of today's game in Green Bay.

As Lee was standing in the end zone to receive the kickoff, the ball bounced off his shin and bounced across the goal line into the field of play. Lee pulled the ball back into the end zone while keeping his feet in the end zone and took a knee.

Lee thought his play would result in a touchback and the Packers would be able to start on offense at the 20-yard line. However, after the referees conferred with each other, they correctly called the play a safety, giving two points to the Lions.

Something tells me Lee will not be handling kickoff return duties in the playoffs for the Packers.

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