Should Marshall Forfeit Win Over Central Florida After Coach's Shameless Flop? (Video)

By now you may have heard the story about what happened during last weekend's college basketball game between Central Florida and Marshall, but in case you haven't, here's a quick recap:

After being (allegedly) grazed in the elbow (accidentally) by Central Florida guard Isaiah Sykes, Marshall head coach Tom Herrion fell backwards on top of an assistant coach on his bench, then got down on his knees and started grabbing his chest as if he was having a heart attack. After a 15 minute delay when the referees reviewed the play and found nothing definitive, Sykes was still given a technical foul. Marshall hit one of two free throws, which made the difference in the game as Marshall edged Central Florida 65-64.

The question now is: after looking at the video where it seems clear that Herrion's flop was a bit over the top, should Marshall forfeit their win?

Certainly the merits of Marshall's win have to be called into question as Herrion's shameless flop made all the difference in the game. Since it worked once, you have to wonder if Herrion would try it again in a close game...or maybe some other coach will try it.

This is not be an offense which would justify Herrion being fired. However, Herrion should be called out for this embarrassing stunt, much like the Iowa basketball coach Fran McCaffery is getting heat for slamming a chair on the court. This is not the kind of attention you want to bring to your school, and it brings your credibility into question, which is critical when it comes to recruiting. At the very least, Herrion owes someone an apology.

Marshall coach’s sideline flop was Oscar-worthy
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