Tom Brady Punt Leads To Brawl Between Broncos And Patriots (Video)

The New England Patriots had a 35-7 lead at halftime of yesterday's game against the Denver Broncos. The Patriots pulled back in the second half on the way to a 45-10 victory.

If you turned off last night's game at halftime, you didn't miss much in terms of scoring, but you did miss a good brawl.

With three minutes left in the fourth quarter, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady used a 3rd-and-10 play to "quick kick" the ball down the field. The ball rolled and just as it was coming to a stop, Broncos linebacker Von Miller pushed Patriots guard Dan Connolly in the back. Connolly's teammate Matt Light pushed Miller back, and then the rest of the Patriots joined in. Things got a little rough, but no major punches were thrown and no one was ejected.

In the end, Brady was credited with a 48-yard punt. Von Miller received a personal foul penalty that moved the ball half the distance to the goal. Broncos lineman Robert Ayers also was flagged for a personal foul, but that penalty was declined.

Bad penalty by Miller in that spot. There was no reason for the push, and he just looks like a sore loser.

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Patriots/Broncos Brawl After Tom Brady Punt [Outside the Boxscore]
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