Senators' Erik Karlsson and Ben Bishop put puck in own net (Video)

Some poor puck handling by the Ottawa Senators defenseman Erik Karlsson and goalie Ben Bishop resulted in putting the puck in their own net, give the Toronto Maple Leafs a gift goal in the second period of Saturday night's NHL game in Toronto.

Leafs center Tim Connolly dumped the puck behind the Senators net, and Bishop came out behind the net to play the puck. Bishop gave the puck to Karlsson, but for some reason Karlsson shot the puck back towards Bishop as he was moving back to the front of the net. The puck got caught in the back of Bishop's skates, and as he reached the front of the net, Bishop lost his balance and the puck skipped into the net.

Connolly got credit for an unassisted goal (although Karlsson and Bishop should certainly get an assist here). The Maple Leafs won the game 3-1.

Video via NHL Network. H/T Puck Daddy.
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