Left-handed Diamondbacks fan makes a great catch with his glove (Video)

On Monday night, another Arizona Diamondbacks fan made a great catch with his glove during their game against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

In the top of the second inning, Pirates outfielder Alex Presley hit a sharp line drive into the stands on the third base side. The left-handed fan reached out with his right hand and made a nice catch with his glove (and may have prevented someone from being seriously injured).

The Diamondbacks broadcast team decided to award that fan a "contract", which meant the fan won a prize of 4 free tickets to an upcoming game plus a big discount at the team store. The broadcasters mentioned that this was the first "contract" prize that they awarded this year, which means that the Diamondbacks fan who made last week's great catch didn't get a prize but probably should have.

Later in this game, another Diamondbacks fan won a "contract" by catching the ball barehanded with one hand over his girlfriend's head while holding a pizza in the other hand. So Diamondbacks fans are really on a roll so far this season with noteworthy foul ball catches.

On another note, another interesting catch of an Alex Presley foul ball was made in San Francisco over the weekend by a fan who caught the ball barehanded while holding his daughter in his lap.

Video via MLB.com.
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