Rangers and Senators play with two pucks on the ice (Video)

A funny thing happened near the end of the second period of Saturday night's NHL playoff game between the Ottawa Senators and New York Rangers as there were two pucks on the ice at the same time.

Game commentators picked up on a stray puck sitting on the back of the Rangers net with 2:08 remaining in the second period. After a faceoff in the Rangers end, the real puck landed in the back of the Rangers net and dislodged the stray puck. This naturally led to some confusion as players started playing with the stray puck while the real puck was still sitting on the back of the net.

Now there's something you don't see every day. Fortunately, there was no goal score involved on the play, or else that could have been a nightmare to sort out. However, there's no word as to where the stray puck came from.

NHL/NBC Sports video via NHL Network. H/T Puck Daddy.
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