Texas Rangers fan gives son chewing tobacco...or did he? (Video + UPDATE)

A Texas Rangers fan was caught on television giving what appeared to be chewing tobacco to his son during Saturday's game against the Chicago White Sox.

Ironically, just before it happened, the game commentators happened to be commenting on the special moment they were capturing on camera: "Dad and son at the ball game. That's great.". The commentators also threw out some cliches such as "spitting image" and "chip off the old block" to make the point on how alike the father and son looked.

However, the commentators fell uncomfortably silent when the dad handed the bag of what appeared to be tobacco to his son, who proceeded to put some in his mouth. That's probably one habit that we would prefer that the father would not pass down to his son. One way or another, this dad will probably have some explaining to do.

UPDATE: We did check multiple sources like this one and this one to confirm whether the substance that the father gave the son was chewing tobacco before moving forward with this story. However, a commenter has alerted us that the bag that the father handed to the son was not tobacco, but a package of David's sunflower seeds. It's difficult for us to tell what it is from the video shown, although it does appear to be a labeled, packaged plastic bag, based on the higher quality video of this scene available on some other sites.

It looks like we're not the only ones who are backtracking on this one. If it's the case that we were wrong, that is certainly reassuring, and apologies to the father and his family.

H/T Sports Grid.
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