Yapavai CC baseball player takes unbelievable cheap shot at opposing runner (Video + UPDATE)

In a community college baseball game last week pitting Scottsdale (AZ) Community College against Yapavai CC (Prescott, AZ), a Yapavai left fielder took an unbelievable cheap shot at a Scottsdale runner on second base while running off the field.

It's unclear why players from both teams nearly came to blows after a Scottsdale player dropped a bunt down the first base line in the top of the ninth inning, as that part of the play happens off camera. What is clearly visible on camera is the Yapavai left fielder running full speed towards the Scottsdale runner at second base with his back to him and using his shoulder to take him out. The Scottsdale player was down for almost a minute before getting back up.

Since this cheap shot has clearly been caught on video and has now gone viral, Yapavai will have to do something based on the negative publicity that this gives the school. If that left fielder isn't kicked off the team for the rest of the season (at a minimum), or banned for life, there's something wrong.

UPDATE 4/10/12: The Yapavai player has been identified as Austin O'Such, and he was suspended for the rest of the season, as would seem to be appropriate punishment for his actions. He has apologized and is writing a letter of apology to the Scottsdale baseball team.

However, O'Such has now been forced to leave school, upon recommendation from school administrators, based on the physical threats he has been receiving.

People, let's please take this down a notch. The kid made a mistake and he is paying for it. Let the school handle this.

H/T Off the Bench.
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