Albert Pujols gets angry after fan prevents him from catching foul ball (Video)

Los Angeles Angels first baseman Albert Pujols was pretty angry Saturday night after a Chicago White Sox fan in the second row of the stands prevented him from catching a foul ball.

It happened in the first inning on a foul popup by White Sox batter A.J. Pierzynski. Pujols reached into the front row of the stands to catch the ball and would have caught it, had it not been for a fan in the second row who put his hands above Albert's glove.

Pujols was initally angry and felt he was interfered with, but the ball would have landed in the stands, and according to the rules, it's fair game. Had the fan reached over into the field of play, that would have been interference.

The first base umpire was right there and made the correct call, and Pujols quickly realized this and was able to calm himself down and walk away.

In a similar situation back in June, Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Nyjer Morgan actually shoved a fan in the front row who got in his way of a foul ball.

H/T Larry Brown Sports.
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