Miguel Montero knocks home plate umpire out of game, accidentally, with foul tip (Video)

Arizona Diamondbacks catcher Miguel Montero hit home plate umpire Dale Scott in the mask with a foul tip during the fourth inning of Friday night's MLB game at Chase Field against the Washington Nationals, forcing Scott to leave the game.

It was a 1-1 pitch from Nationals pitcher Stephen Strasburg, which happened to be a 93 mile-per-hour fastball. The foul tip by Montero hit Scott in the chin, staggering him and bringing him to his knees.

Scott was clearly seeing stars and could not continue. CB Buckner had to take over behind the plate for Scott.

It was part of an interesting at-bat for Montero, who had just lost his bat in the stands on the pitch right before this one, hitting a female fan in the leg.

Video via MLB.com.
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