Rice band takes shot at USC...while playing UCLA (Photo)

The Rice University Marching Owl Band took a shot at USC during halftime of Thursday night's football game against UCLA by turning the S into a dollar sign as they spelled out the letters of the school, making it "U$C".

This is similar to a halftime stunt the Rice band pulled last year as they spelled out "$EC" to take a shot at Texas A&M's move to the SEC conference during a game against Texas.

Obviously the Marching Owl band is trying to make a statement, but it made a bit more sense with Texas A&M since they were conference rivals at one point, plus both schools are located in Texas. For Rice's band to take a shot at USC was a bit of a stretch, with the only obvious connection being that both schools play UCLA in football this year. However, the Marching Owl band certainly knows how to get people's attention.

H/T Cosby Sweaters.
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