DeAngelo Hall ejected for cursing in ref's face (Video)

Washington Redskins defensive back DeAngelo Hall was ejected for moving aggressively towards a referee and cursing in his face in the final minutes of the fourth quarter of Sunday's NFL game at Heinz Field against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

It happened with under four minutes left in the fourth quarter after Hall got into a wrestling match with Steelers receiver Emmanuel Sanders. Both players ended up on the ground, but no penalty was called.

Apparently Hall felt there should have been a penalty, so when he saw an official, he went to plead his case, which on its own is all well and good. However, Hall took his helmet off while doing so, which is an immediate unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.

Unfortunately, things didn't end there. Hall got into the referee's face, forcing the referee to begin backing up to get away from him. Hall continued to move towards the referee and let loose numerous curse words, including at least one F-bomb, until the last straw came when Hall appeared to refer to the official, or something he did, as "stupid". The official tossed the flag and walked away, but Hall continued to go after him, forcing other referees and Redskins teammates to separate Hall.

In summary, Hall received two unsportsmanlike conduct penalties, resulting in 30 penalty yards assessed on the play, and Hall was ejected from the game. After the NFL reviews this, Hall will most likely face a fine and a suspension of a week or two, which should give him some time to hopefully resolve his anger management issues.

Video via ForgedWithSteel. H/T Business Insider.

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