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Sep 30, 2012

Miami coach Al Golden's accidental profanity during postgame press conference has media in hysterics (Video)

Miami Hurricanes head football coach Al Golden was a bit exhausted after Saturday's 44-37 win over North Carolina State, punctuated with a Stephen Morris 62-yard touchdown pass to Phillip Dorsett with 19 seconds left in the game. Golden was so tired that he couldn't catch himself before blurting out a curse during the postgame press conference that had the media in hysterics.

WARNING: NSFW language. Not for the kids.

Golden was responding to a question about what his thoughts were during the final touchdown that Miami scored in the game. Golden apologized immediately as he was "delusional" from being so tired.

Holdout Sports does not condone this type of language, and we usually try to keep things clean here. That being said, we have to give Golden a pass here, because this is way too funny.

H/T Dr. Saturday.

Sep 29, 2012

Mark Reynolds makes amazing grab in foul territory, hangs on after tumbling over tarp (Video)

Baltimore Orioles first baseman Mark Reynolds made a great catch in foul territory, then held onto the ball after tumbling backwards over the tarp and into a wall at the edge of the stands, during Saturday night's MLB game at Camden Yards against the Boston Red Sox.

It happened in the top of the fifth inning as Red Sox batter Mike Aviles hit a foul popup to short right field near the stands. Amazing play by Reynolds.

Video via MLB.com.

West Virginia's Tavon Austin gets knocked to the ground during touchdown celebration (Video)

West Virginia Mountaineers wide receiver Tavon Austin capped a 45-yard touchdown reception with a spectacular celebration fail by getting knocked to the ground by teammate Ivan McCartney during Saturday's college football game against Baylor.

After Austin scored his third quarter touchdown, he ran to the back of the end zone and leaped into the air, expecting to bump McCartney at the top of his jump. Unfortunately, McCartney didn't jump up until Austin was on his way down. As a result, McCartney knocked Austin off balance and he fell to the ground.

Austin finished the game with 215 yards and two touchdowns in West Virginia's 70-63 win over the Baylor Bears.

Video via. H/T Dr. Saturday.

Fan yells 'Baba Booey' at Ryder Cup (Video)

A fan could clearly be heard yelling "Baba Booey" after players took their putts at the Ryder Cup during Saturday's session.

H/T Sports Grid.

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Iowa runs perfect flea flicker for touchdown against Minnesota (Video)

The Iowa Hawkeyes ran a perfect flea flicker play for a touchdown during the second quarter of Saturday's game at Kinnick Stadium against the Minnesota Golden Gophers.

Quarterback James Vandenberg threw a 47-yard touchdown pass to Jordan Cotton, who was almost 10 yards behind the nearest Minnesota defender. Running back Mark Weisman had the assist as he faked the run up the middle, then tossed the ball back to Vandenberg.

The play gave Iowa a 17-0 lead, and the team appears to be on their way to victory as they lead Minnesota in the third quarter 24-7.

Video via ESPN. H/T Dr. Saturday.

Ian Poulter has Ryder Cup crowd cheer him on during opening tee shot (Video)

Ian Poulter encouraged the crowd to cheer him on while he took his opening tee shot during Saturday morning's Ryder Cup match.

Poulter was following the lead of USA's Bubba Watson, who rallied the crowd on Friday morning before his opening tee shot. Both Poulter and Watson appear to be borrowing the move from Adam Sandler movie Happy Gilmore.

Will this carry over to other pro golf tournaments? Only time will tell.

Video via GolfCentralDaily. H/T Devil Ball Golf.

Marlins fan catches foul ball with bare hand without dropping food tray (Video)

A Miami Marlins fan displayed amazing skill by catching a foul ball with his bare hand while holding his food tray in the other hand during Friday night's MLB game at Marlin Park against the Philadelphia Phillies.

It happened in the top of the third inning as Phillies batter Jimmy Rollins hit a foul popup into the stands on the third base side as this fan was walking in the aisle. Amazingly, the fan didn't drop any food or spill any drinks from the tray.

Somebody in the Marlins front office should give that fan a contract. With the Marlins in last place, it certainly couldn't hurt.

Video via MLB.com.

Sep 28, 2012

Ben Zobrist uses his head, literally, to field grounder (Video)

Tampa Bay Rays shortstop Ben Zobrist managed to field a grounder that bounced from his glove to his head, but still made the out after the ball bounced back into his glove during Friday night's MLB game against the Chicago White Sox.

In the bottom of the second inning, White Sox batter Dayan Viciedo hit the grounder to Zobrist, who displayed great concentration in staying with the play and making the out. That's using your head in more ways than one right there.

Video via MLB.com.

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Chad Jenkins makes juggling catch after line drive knocks his glove off (Video)

Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Chad Jenkins had his glove knocked off his hand by a line drive from New York Yankees batter Curtis Granderson during Friday night's game at the Rogers Centre, but still made the out as he caught his own glove while the ball stayed in the pocket.

It happened in the top of the first inning as Granderson hit the 1-1 pitch straight back to Jenkins. Now that's definitely something you don't see every day.

Video via MLB.com.

Is this Washington high school 2-point conversion the play of the year?

In a Washington high school football game, Tumwater High successfully converted a 2-point play with a backwards, over-the-head pass into the end zone to tie the game against Olympia's Capital High in what should be a candidate for play of the year.

Tumwater quarterback Jayden Croft faked a handoff to his running back, then with his back to the line of scrimmage, tossed the ball over his head into the end zone, where 6-foot-5 tight end Jamie Bryant was waiting. Bryant used his height advantage to leap over the defenders and make the catch in the end zone.

The successful 2-point conversion allowed Tumwater to tie the game at 21-21 and gave them momentum which carried over into double overtime for a 35-28 upset victory over top-ranked Capital.

Video via PlayOnNetwork. H/T Prep Rally.

Snoop Lion misses two open goal penalty kicks (Video)

Snoop Lion (formerly known as Snoop Dogg) tried to demonstrate his soccer skills on ESPN SportsCenter earlier this week, but failed miserably by missing two penalty shots on an open net.

Snoop is currently making the rounds promoting the EA Sports FIFA '13 video game and also appears in the commercial for the game.

Video via ESPN. H/T 101gg.

Alex Morgan joins Conan O'Brien to review 'Just Dance 4' (Video)

Late night talk show host Conan O'Brien invited USA women's soccer star Alex Morgan as a guest to review the new video game "Just Dance 4".

Morgan, aside from being an excellent athlete, is very familiar with the "Just Dance" video game series. O'Brien, however, is not quiet as good an athlete and is a self-proclaimed "Clueless Gamer". It's easy to see where this was going, and makes for quite a few laughs.

Video via TeamCoco. H/T OTB.

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Keith Hernandez shaves off iconic mustache for charity (Video)

New York Mets legend (and current broadcaster) Keith Hernandez shaved off his iconic mustache before Thursday's game at Citi Field against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Despite pleas of Mets fans not to shave the 'stache, Hernandez decided to go through with it. In honor of the historic occasion, Hernandez and the Schick razor company made a joint $10,000 donation to a Jacqueline Hernandez Adult Day Care Center in Brooklyn, an adult day care center for Alzheimer's and dementia patients named in honor of Keith's mother Jacqueline, who died of Alzheimer's in 1989.

Video via MLB.com.

Fan pays 'homage' to NFL Replacement Officials (Video)

A fan says goodbye to the NFL replacement officials with this "In Memoriam" video, set to the music of Sarah McLachlan's "I Will Remember You".

All we can say is, we're glad that failed experiment is over.

Video via DallasCowboys94Ware. H/T Sports Grid.

Sep 27, 2012

Eric Chavez blows double play opportunity by forgetting number of outs (Video)

New York Yankees third baseman Eric Chavez had an embarrassing gaffe during Wednesday's game at Target Field against the Minnesota Twins when he forgot the number of outs during the fifth inning, blowing a double play opportunity as a result.

With one out in the bottom of the fifth inning, the Twins had runners on first and second. Twins batter Pedro Florimon grounded to third in what would have been an inning-ending double play, but Chavez nonchalantly stepped on the bag and started jogging towards the dugout thinking the inning was over.

After Chavez turned and saw none of his teammates leaving the field, he realized his mistake and apologized to pitcher CC Sabathia for extending the inning. Fortunately the Twins didn't score any runs, as Sabathia got the next Twins batter, Denard Span, to ground out to first and end the inning.

Chavez isn't the only major league baseball player to forget the number of outs this year, but hopefully he can hold himself accountable so that he doesn't do it again.

Video via MLB.com.

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Rays fans attend Fenway Park with mannequin heads (Video)

A group of Tampa Bay Rays fans traveled to Fenway Park to attend Wednesday night's game against the Boston Red Sox accompanied by a couple of female mannequin heads planted on sticks.

A man in the group was moving the sticks to make the heads bob up and down and turn side to side. The SunSports television broadcast team asked the obvious questions, such as "How do you get that into the park?" and, of course, "Why do you have them?"

There were no obvious answers to these questions, but there must be a story behind this. If any of our readers have a tip, please pass it along.

Video via MLB.com.

Sep 26, 2012

Arkansas football coach John L. Smith calls his program "Alabama" during speech (Video)

Arkansas Razorbacks head football coach John L. Smith has already had his share of goofs this season, but referring to his team as "Alabama" earlier this week during a speech in Little Rock has to take the cake.

Smith was trying to rally Arkansas supporters when he said "I'm asking you as fans: Don't give up on those players. Don't give up on us. It's our program. It's the state of Alabama's program..."

Ouch. Embarrassing would be an understatement, and Smith didn't even catch himself after saying it. Arkansas fans won't be able to smile at that one. Something tells me Smith won't be around too much longer.

Video via SECPressPass. H/T Hot Clicks.

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Green Bay TV station uses replacement weatherman (Video)

Green Bay television station WGBA-TV made temporary use of a replacement weatherman earlier this week in response to the terrible call made by the NFL's replacement officials in Monday night's Packers game that directly cost them the victory against the Seattle Seahawks.

The replacement weatherman gave viewers a ridiculous forecast which included a noon temperature of 346 degrees by noon and a "thunderblizzard" at 5pm.

Fortunately, the real weatherman arrived and threw the replacement off the set. If only it were that easy to get rid of the NFL replacement officials.

Sep 25, 2012

Brazilian medic runs onto field, kicks ball away from opposing player (Video)

A medical staffer ran onto the field and kicked the ball away from an opposing player setting up for a shot on goal during a lower league soccer match in Brazil between Ponta Pora and Coxim.

The Ponte Pora medic was walking behind the goal line carrying a bag in each hand as a Coxim player was navigating around several Ponte Pora defenders.  As the Coxim player finally broke away for an open shot on the goalkeeper, the trainer ran onto the field and kicked the ball away with a slide tackle, all while keeping hold of his bags. 

Between the pitch invasions and stretcher fails, these medics at Brazilian lower league soccer matches are a great source of entertainment.

Video via. H/T Dirty Tackle.

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Justin Verlander nearly injured while diving to stop errant throw from catcher (Video)

Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander stayed in Monday night's game against the Kansas City Royals after nearly injuring himself while diving in front of the mound to stop an errant throw from catcher Alex Avila.

It happened in the top of the fifth inning after Verlander delivered a 1-0 pitch to Royals batter Jarrod Dyson with runners on first and third. Somehow, catcher Alex Avila hit home plate umpire Bill Welke's hand on his throw back to the mound. As the ball came out bouncing towards the mound, Verlander instinctively dove to prevent the ball from getting past him and allowing the Royals runner to score from third.

Verlander got up on his knee and grabbed his left shoulder, but after being checked out by Tigers trainers, Verlander felt OK and continued to pitch. Verlander pitched eight innings and got the victory as the Tigers defeated the Royals 6-2.

Video via MLB.com.

Sep 24, 2012

Bryce Harper's foul ball shatters window in Brewers dugout (Video)

A foul ball by Washington Nationals rookie outfielder Bryce Harper shattered a window in the Milwaukee Brewers dugout during Monday night's MLB game at Nationals Park in D.C.

It happened in the first inning during Harper's first at-bat as he fouled off an 0-1 pitch.  The ball took off like a rocket towards the edge of the Brewers dugout on the third base side, and you could hear the glass break.  Fortunately, no one appeared to be hurt.

Wonder if Harper's going to have to pay for that.

Video via MLB.com.

Ohio University marching band performs 'Gangnam Style' (Video)

The Ohio University marching band performed "Gangnam Style" during halftime of Saturday's college football game against Norfolk State.

Based on the Ohio crowd reaction, and the one million hits this video has received, the performance by the "Marching 100" was a resounding success.

Video via. H/T Off the Bench.

D.C. news anchor calls Dwyane Wade overrated (Video)

A Washington D.C. local news anchor took a cheap shot at Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade by calling him overrated during a segment that aired Saturday covering Wade's appearance at a local bookstore.

Wade made a stop at Politics & Prose in Northwest D.C. to promote his new book "A Father First: How My Life Became Bigger Than Basketball". Local Washington-area ABC affiliate WJLA-TV aired what should have been a feel-good segment covering Wade's appearance. However, during the segment, the as-yet unidentified anchor made the comment "That is Dwyane Wade, the overrated NBA star...who was in town for a book signing".

Aside from being a completely ridiculous comment to make about a player of Wade's stature in the NBA, it was totally unnecessary and totally unprofessional on the part of the news anchor. Looks like someone owes Wade an apology.

UPDATE: The anchor has been identified as Kendis Gibson, who told TVSpy "it was part of an ongoing joke with my co anchor who is a huge Miami Heat fan." Still, joking or not, let's keep the personal commentary off the air, please. (H/T MediaBistro).

Video via. H/T Ball Don't Lie.

Replacement ref awards ball to 'St. Louie' (Video)

A replacement referee checked an instant referee and correctly awarded the ball to "St. Louie" during Sunday's NFL game between the St. Louis Rams and Chicago Bears.

It happened in the first quarter as Rams cornerback Cortland Finnegan intercepted a pass by Bears quarterback Jay Cutler. The confusion occurred as Finnegan went down but lost the ball as he hit the ground and the Bears picked up the ball and ran with it. Video clearly showed that Finnegan went down by contact, and the refs made the correct call, although referring to St. Louis as "St. Louie" is not something you hear every day.

Video via. H/T Sports Grid.

Sep 23, 2012

SF Giants broadcasters show off 'Gangnam Style' dance moves (Video)

San Francisco Giants broadcasters Jon Miller and Dave Flemming showed off their 'Gangnam Style' dance moves between innings during Saturday night's game at AT&T Park against the San Diego Padres.

The Giants needed a win to clinch the National League West division and entered the top of the ninth holding an 8-4 lead, victory seemed a near certainty. The crowd was on their feet as "Gangnam Style" played over the loud speakers, and as the screens showed Miller and Flemming doing their moves, the crowd cheered in approval.

Video via MLB.com.

Darrius Heyward-Bey knocked unconscious by Ryan Mundy (Video)

Oakland Raiders receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey was briefly knocked unconscious after colliding with Pittsburgh Steelers safety Ryan Mundy during Sunday's game in Oakland.

It happened in the fourth quarter as Mundy came over to break up a pass to Heyward-Bey in the end zone.  Heyward-Bey was unable to catch the pass, and Mundy appeared to hit Heyward-Bey in the chin with his helmet.  Although Heyward-Bey was defenseless, no penalty was called on the play by the replacement officials.

Heyward-Bey was unconscious for a few minutes, but did appear to regain consciousness while being carted off the field, as he was communicating with the medical staff and gave the crowd a "thumbs-up" sign.

Video via G4SportsNews. H/T Business Insider.

SNL Weekend Update features 'Stephen A. Smith' talking Tim Tebow (Video)

This week's Weekend Update segment of Saturday Night Live featured Jay Pharoah reprising his impression of ESPN personality Stephen A. Smith. The topic of discussion with Seth Meyers was whether New York Jets backup quarterback Tim Tebow should have a bigger role in the team's offense.

How did he do? Take a look and judge for yourself.

Video via NBC.com.

Colby Rasmus' great catch knocks open outfield wall (Video)

Toronto Blue Jays center fielder Colby Rasmus caused a gate in the center field wall to open when he crashed into it after making a catch in Sunday's baseball game at Tropicana Field against the Tampa Bay Rays.

It happened in the first inning as Rays batter Luke Scott hit a fly ball to deep center field. Rasmus ran back and made a nice catch, then braced himself for a collision with the outfield wall. Rasmus just happened to crash into a segment of the wall with a gate, and with it opening up and absorbing some of the force of the collision, it may have saved him from serious injury.

Video via MLB.com.

Georgia Tech's Owen Smith botches downing kickoff in end zone, results in safety (Video)

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets kickoff returner Orwin Smith had an embarrassing mishap during Saturday's college football game against the Miami Hurricanes when his indecision on whether to run a kickoff out of the end zone resulted in a safety and two points for Miami.

In the first quarter, Smith was about to run the kickoff out of the end zone when his teammate told him to stay there and simply down the ball.  However, as Smith was at the end zone line and already had some forward momentum going, his hand touched just outside the end zone before he kneeled down, resulting in the safety.  Looks like the Georgia Tech special teamers will be spending some extra practice time on kickoffs this week.

Orwin Smith made up for his goof later by scoring a touchdown, but Miami defeated Georgia Tech 42-36.

H/T GIFulmination and Dr. Saturday.

Penn State RB Mike Zordich fails miserably trying to hurdle defender (Video)

Penn State Nittany Lions running back Mike Zordich tried to hurdle over Temple Owls defensive back Vaughn Carraway during Saturday's NCAA football game at Beaver Stadium. It's unlikely that Zordich will be attempting that move again anytime soon after this embarrassing failure.

Zordich was right next to the sideline and could have stepped out of bounds, but suddenly thought he could leap like Superman. Carraway caught Zordich in mid-air and threw him down to the ground easily.

Zordich can consider this a valuable lesson learned. Not everyone can be like Le'Veon Bell.

H/T Bleacher Report.

Michigan State RB Le'Veon Bell hurdles over opposing player (Video)

Sep 22, 2012

Lee Corso dresses as Chief Osceola on ESPN's College Gameday (Video)

ESPN College Gameday football analyst Lee Corso got dressed up in a full Chief Osceola costume when visiting Florida State University on Saturday.

Corso normally puts on the headpiece of the mascot of the school for his big college pick for the week, which usually happens to be the school that College Gameday is visiting. As Corso is a proud alumni and played for the football team, it was expected that he would pick FSU to beat Clemson in Saturday's game. However, viewers were probably surprised to see Corso to get dressed in a full Chief Osceola costume complete with face paint, headpiece and tomahawk.

Corso finished the show by planting the tomahawk in a small patch of grass placed in the front of the set. Nothing wrong with Corso having a little fun, as long as he keeps his language clean.

H/T SBNation Tampa Bay.

English Premier League referee gets sandwiched between two players, jokingly shows them red card (Video)

A soccer referee got sandwiched between two players and jokingly gave them red cards during an English Premier League match between Wigam and Fulham on Saturday.

It happened early in the first half as referee Lee Probert found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time, as he got caught in between Fulham's Steve Sidwell and Wigan's Ben Watson as both players were lunging for the ball.

Probert pulled out his red card and flashed it to the two players as he was being checked out while laying on the ground, but it was in jest and the players appeared to get a good laugh out of it.

Фаулираха съдията на мача Уигън - Фулъм by FootballKing2192

Video via DailyMotion. H/T 101gg.

Sep 21, 2012

Lightning coach Guy Boucher delivers first pitch at Rays game with hockey stick (Video)

The Tampa Bay Rays honored the 20th anniversary of the NHL's Tampa Bay Lightning before Friday night's game by having head coach Guy Boucher deliver the ceremonial first pitch.  Instead of throwing it, Boucher placed the ball on the rubber of the pitcher's mound and used a hockey stick to flick a wrist shot of the baseball towards home plate.

Amazingly, the shot by Boucher was an absolute perfect strike.

Video via Yahoo! Sports. H/T Business Insider.

Bubba Watson hits fan with errant shot at Tour Championship (Video)

Pro golfer Bubba Watson accidentally hit a fan with his second shot on the fourth hole during the second round of the PGA Tour Championship on Friday in Atlanta.

Fortunately for Watson, the ball bounced off the fan and back towards the green, ending up hole-high. Watson made par on the hole, and rewarded the fan with a signed golf glove that said "Thanks!"

Watson finished the second round tied for third place overall, only two shots behind the leader, Jim Furyk.

Video via Yahoo! Sports. H/T Devil Ball Golf.

French soccer player celebrates goal by putting pacifier in his mouth (Video)

During a Europa League soccer match between Lyon and Sparta Prague, Lyon striker Bafetimbi Gomis celebrated scoring a goal in the 59th minute of a game by putting a baby pacifier in his mouth.

ليون 2 : 1 سبارتا براغ by kooralive

Aside from the obvious question as to why Gomis would do this, there's also the question of where he was carrying the pacifier. Then again, maybe we don't want to know.

Video via DailyMotion. H/T 101gg.

Rays hold 'Star Trek Night' at Tropicana Field (Video)

The Tampa Bay Rays hosted their first ever "Star Trek Night" at Tropicana Field during Thursday night's game against the Boston Red Sox.

Fans were encouraged to attend the game in Star Trek costumes, so many fans dressed as Klingons and Star Fleet officers.

We couldn't help but notice that there weren't many younger fans dressed in costume, unlike "Star Wars" nights held throughout the league where costumes were worn by fans of all ages. We would also be curious how that Klingon was allowed to bring that "sword" into the park, as that could have been dangerous.

Video via MLB.com.

Sep 20, 2012

Blake Griffin demonstrates chicken calling skills on 'Sesame Street' (Video)

Los Angeles Clippers star Blake Griffin appeared on an episode Sesame Street this week to demonstrate what the word "champion" means, but not with his basketball skills.

Abby Cadabby zaps Griffin to Sesame Street (supposedly as he is right in the middle of a game, but not really) to take part in a chicken calling competition. Griffin goes up against a Muppet chicken to see who makes the better chicken call, and he does himself proud.

Video via Sesame Street. H/T Sports Grid.

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Arkansas students hold surprise pep rally for football team (Video)

A large crowd of Arkansas students held a surprise pep rally to greet the Razorbacks football team as they walked off the field after Wednesday's practice.

It was a great show of support by the students after two straight losses, which included getting crushed 52-0 by Alabama last week.

Maybe in some strange way, the students are heeding head coach John L. Smith's advice to "SMILE!"

Video via. H/T Dr. Saturday.

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Freddie Freeman plants kiss on Chipper Jones' cheek for Kiss Cam (Video)

Atlanta Braves third baseman Chipper Jones appeared on the Kiss Cam during Wednesday night's game at Marlin Park in Miami, so teammate Freddie Freeman planted one on Chipper's cheek.

Although it was a bit awkward, it also seemed appropriate in a way, with Jones playing his final game at Marlin Park before he retires at the end of the season. Chipper can think of it as a "parting gift" from the Miami fans.

Video via MLB.com.

New York Red Bulls fans didn't use spellcheck before displaying banner (Photo)

A group of New York Red Bulls fans should be ashamed of themselves for not running a spellcheck on a banner they brought to Wednesday night's game against Sporting KC.

We're pretty sure that 99% of you can pick out the spelling mistake in the banner, which read "YO'RE NOT IN KANSAS ANYMORE!" Talk about embarrassing.

H/T Dirty Tackle.

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Travis Snider breaks PNC Park sign with foul ball (Video)

Pittsburgh Pirates right fielder Travis Snyder shattered the letter 'A' in a PNC PARK sign behind home plate with a foul ball during Thursday's game against the Milwaukee Brewers.

It happened in the bottom of the first inning as Snyder hit a foul ball straight into the backstop on a 3-2 pitch. The 'A' in 'PNC PARK' broke into pieces upon impact. Wonder who's going to pay for that. The Pirates may want to rethink having a breakable sign behind home plate.

Video via MLB.com.

EA Sports FIFA '13 glitch: Players get yellow cards for being kicked in the face (Video)

EA Sports FIFA '13 will be released on Tuesday, which will hopefully have some of the glitches worked out that have been found in the Demo version that was released last week. One apparent glitch in FIFA '13 is that a player can get a yellow card for being kicked in the face by an opponent.

Watch this clip as AC Milan forward Robinho gets kicked in the face and taken down by Arsenal fullback Carl Jenkinson. The referee blows the whistle and pulls out the yellow card, but surprisingly, it's on Robinho. Talk about adding insult to injury.

EA Sports may want to fix this glitch before Tuesday's FIFA '13 release, but we secretly hope they leave the slide tackle glitch in the game as is.

Video via. H/T 101gg.

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Big Ten Network broadcaster has trouble with math during BC-Northwestern game (Video)

Big Ten Network broadcaster Josh Lewin had some trouble with basic math during Saturday's college game between Boston College and Northwestern.

This became painfully apparent during one particular play in the fourth quarter, where Northwestern downed a punt on the 2-yard line with 3:02 left and a 15-13 lead.

As the punt was downed, Lewin initially said "A field goal will do Boston College no good." This was obviously wrong as a field goal would have given BC the lead.

Lewin also reported that "instead of the 25-yard line, they're gonna spot it right there on the 2". This was also wrong, although we'll give him a pass because the new touchback rule is a bit confusing. As of this year, a touchback on a kickoff will result in the ball being spotted on the 25-yard line, but in this case, a touchback on a punt would be spotted on the 20.

H/T Awful Announcing.

Sep 19, 2012

Lane Kiffin cuts press conference short...really, really short (Video)

USC head football coach Lane Kiffin cut his press conference short following Wednesday afternoon's practice, and saying it was short would be an understatement, as the entire press conference lasted less than 30 seconds.

Kiffin made some quick comments about how he was happy with the practice session and then opened the floor to questions. The first question was in regards to an injured player, to which Kiffin replied "I don't know" and seemed a bit irritated. As the next question was being asked by another reporter, Kiffin took a deep breath and said "I gotta go" before storming off.

Kiffin may have been upset about the injury question, or maybe it has something to do with last weekend's loss to Stanford which may have dashed USC's national championship hopes. Maybe Kiffin should take Arkansas coach John L. Smith's advice and SMILE!

H/T Sports Grid.

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St. Louis Blues fan dances up a storm (Video)

A St. Louis Blues fan was dancing up a storm in the stands during the third period of last season's final regular season home game at the Scottrade Center against the Phoenix Coyotes.

The game was played on April 6, 2012, but this video was only posted last week. A Blues fan in Zumas pants dancing to the Beastie Boys' "Fight for your Right" and the Ozzy Osbourne classic "Crazy Train" during a penalty timeout. The Youtube caption on the video implied that the fan was drunk, but we can not confirm this.

We can only hope that the NHL lockout gets resolved quickly so hockey fans can watch their teams again, but unfortunately it seems very unlikely.

H/T Sports Pickle.

Dodgers make rookies dress up as women (Photo)

Rookie hazing is alive and well in major league baseball, as evidenced by this picture from the Los Angeles Dodgers Twitter feed where rookies dressed up in various female outfits and blonde wigs for their trip to DC.

Pitcher Stephen Fife is dressed as the maid and catcher Tim Federowicz is the nurse.  Can't confirm the others.


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Angels OF Vernon Wells falls over outfield wall trying to catch home run (Video)

Los Angeles Angels left fielder Vernon Wells went head over heels over the outfield wall, but failed to catch a home run ball hit by Texas Rangers 2B Ian Kinsler during Tuesday night's MLB game at Anaheim.

It happened in the top of the third inning as Kinsler hit the ball to deep left field. Wells timed his jump well, but realized he had no chance as the ball reached the second row of the stands and bounced into the tunnel. At that point, Wells tried to protect himself from getting hurt as he fell over the low outfield wall head over heels into the stands.

A couple of fans helped Wells up to his feet, and as Wells ran back to his position in left field, he got some applause from the Angels fans for his effort. Wells wasn't too happy, but he probably was in a better mood after the game as the Angels pounded the Rangers for an 11-3 victory.

Video via MLB.com.

Rockies CF Dexter Fowler uses his head, literally, to break up double play (Video)

Colorado Rockies center fielder Dexter Fowler used his head, literally, to break up a double play after a throw by San Francisco Giants shortstop Brandon Crawford deflected off Fowler's helmet during Tuesday night's MLB game at AT&T Park.

It happened in the top of the sixth inning with Fowler on first base. Rockies batter Charlie Blackmon grounded to second baseman Marco Scutaro, who tossed the ball to Crawford for the force out of Fowler. Fowler slid a bit high into second base, which obviously affected Crawford's throw, as the ball bounced high off Fowler's helmet and all the way back behind home plate.

It's a good thing Fowler was wearing that helmet.

Video via MLB.com.

Sep 18, 2012

Arkansas football coach John L. Smith asks media to smile, despite that 52-0 loss to Alabama (Video)

Arkansas Razorbacks head football coach John L. Smith made things awkward for the media at the start of his weekly press conference on Monday by insisting that they smile, which was strange given that the team just came off a 52-0 loss to Alabama this past weekend.

Smith yelled at the media as if he was speaking to his own players, saying "Pick it up a little bit! Get your chin up! Smile! SMILE! Okay?...If not, I'm not talking!"

Smith better hope he can find some kind of motivation for his team, and the sooner, the better. Otherwise, Smith will be out of a job before the season is over.

Video via HogsNetwork. H/T Dr. Saturday.

John Calipari and UK basketball inspire Drake to finish high school (Video)

Rapper Drake recently revealed on a local Kentucky sports cable network that University of Kentucky head basketball coach John Calipari has inspired him to finish high school.

Drake broke the news on KSTV/CN2 this past weekend during an interview after coaching in a UK alumni basketball game.

Drake got to know Coach Cal during the summers in Memphis that he spent with his father while Calipari was coaching the Memphis basketball team. However, after Coach Cal moved to Kentucky and invited Drake to be a guest coach for a Midnight Madness intrasquad scrimmage back in 2009, Drake has felt like a part of the UK family. The feeling is clearly mutual, as shown by the customized championship ring that Kentucky gave Drake after winning the 2012 NCAA tournament.

Drake dropped out of high school in Toronto years ago, but says he will be graduating high school this month.

Video via. H/T Dr. Saturday.

Von Miller dances after sacking Matt Ryan, despite losing to Falcons (Video)

Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller did a "bucking bronco" sack dance after taking down Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan during Monday night's NFL game at the Georgia Dome. However, the timing of the dance was a bit questionable, as the Broncos were down by 13 points in the fourth quarter.

No question that it was a great play by Miller, but he should have just left it at that.


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Sep 17, 2012

'Jungle Bird' strikes again by crashing trophy presentation at Women's British Open (Video)

Sunday's trophy presentation to Jiyai Shin at the Ricoh Women's British Open golf tournament was crashed by the "Jungle Bird", who came out of the crowd of photographers to do his trademark ca-caw.

You would figure after Jungle Bird crashed the US Open trophy presentation, and more recently ran onto the field at the Notre Dame-Navy game in Ireland, that security personnel would keep an extra eye out for this guy.

Holdout Sports would like to emphasize that we do not condone this type of behavior. If Jungle Bird has a statement to make, he should do it without stepping all over someone else's spotlight.

Video via. H/T Devil Ball Golf.

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BYU head coach Bronco Mendenhall scares away Utah heckler (Video)

BYU head football coach Bronco Mendenhall was heckled by a Utah fan as he was walking off the field after Saturday's 24-21 loss to the Utes. Apparently the Utah fan got under Mendenhall's skin, because the Cougars coach turned and took a few steps towards him.

Although Mendenhall had police escorting him off the field, he still managed to scare the Utah fan, who immediately took a few steps back and started walking in a different direction.

Hopefully this fan learned a valuable lesson, and next time he'll show some class after Utah wins a big game.

H/T Dr. Saturday.

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Lonnie Chisenhall hits game winning walk-off RBI single for Indians, teammates congratulate him by grabbing his butt (Video)

Cleveland Indians designated hitter Lonnie Chisenhall hit a game winning walk-off RBI single to beat the Detroit Tigers 7-6 on Sunday at Progressive Field. However, some of his teammates may have gotten a little carried away while celebrating the victory as they congratulated Chisenhall by grabbing his butt.

Guys, can you keep your hands above the waist, please? Think about the kids watching at home.

Video via MLB.com. H/T LBS.

South Carolina female trainer busted checking out WR Bruce Ellington on sideline (Video)

A female trainer on the South Carolina sideline during Saturday night's college football game against the UAB Blazers appeared to be caught on camera checking out Gamecocks wide receiver Bruce Ellington as he walked by during the third quarter.

The commentary attempts to capture her thoughts, which can not be confirmed. Take a look at the video and judge for yourself what she was thinking:

Video via. H/T CS.

SNL parodies Ryan Lochte on 'Weekend Update' (Video)

During the Weekend Update segment of NBC's season premiere of Saturday Night Live this past weekend, guest host Seth MacFarlane of Family Guy played Olympic gold medalist Ryan Lochte, with some pretty funny results.

MacFarlane's Lochte character tried to discuss some of the new shows in the upcoming fall TV lineup with Seth Meyers, but had a bit of trouble with the names of the shows. However, not surprisingly, he did have a high opinion of American Dad.

Video via NBC.com.

Vernon Davis settles for jumpshot during TD celebration (Video)

San Francisco 49ers tight end Vernon Davis settled for a jumpshot through the goalpost to celebrate scoring a touchdown during the first quarter of Sunday night's NFL game against the Detroit Lions, rather than risking another failed dunk attempt.

Davis made the shot easily, so he may be sticking with this celebration move from now on.

Davis scored another touchdown in the fourth quarter, and finished the game with five catches for 73 yards during Sunday night's 27-19 Niners victory.

Video via NFL.com. H/T Shutdown Corner.

Vernon Davis fails miserably on goalpost dunk attempt while celebrating TD (GIF)

Orioles pitcher Steve Johnson throws wild pitch during intentional walk (Video)

Baltimore Orioles pitcher Steve Johnson had an embarrassing moment during Saturday night's MLB game against the Oakland A's when he threw a wild pitch during an intentional walk.

It happened with one out in the bottom of the seventh inning and A's runner Josh Reddick on second. The plan was to intentionally walk A's batter Yoenis Cespedes to set up a potential double play. However, that plan was torn to shreds when Johnson's 1-0 pitch sailed about 5 feet over catcher Matt Wieters' head and into the backstop, allowing Reddick to advance to third easily.

Fortunately Johnson got out of the inning without giving up a run, so Johnson's intentional walk failure didn't cost the team.

Video via MLB.com.

Alex Smith and Michael Crabtree videobombed by random guy with a hood during NBC postgame interviews (Video)

After the San Francisco 49ers defeated the Detroit Lions 24-19 on Sunday night, a man with a hood pulled a videobomb during postgame interviews of quarterback Alex Smith and receiver Michael Crabtree.

The man stood in view of the camera behind Smith and Crabtree for a full two minutes before the camera shifted to a different position for Tafoya's interview with Justin Smith. He clearly knew where the camera was.

Video via NBC Sports. H/T LBS.

Sep 16, 2012

Mets-Brewers game interrupted by giant paper airplane (Video)

Saturday's MLB game at Miller Park between the New York Mets and Milwaukee Brewers was interrupted in the bottom of the sixth inning when a giant paper airplane flew onto the field.

Brewers batter Aramis Ramirez called time when he saw the paper airplane, which flew in from the upper deck and landed on the infield near second base.

Mets pitcher Manny Acosta must have also been distracted, because he hit Ramirez with his very next pitch.

Video via MLB.com.

Paper airplane lands near home plate at Diamondbacks game (Video)

Utah football fans storm the field, three times, during win over BYU (Video)

The home fans at Utah were so anxious to celebrate the football team's win over BYU that they ended up stormed the field three times and almost cost the team the victory in the process.

The unbelievable sequence happened in the final seconds of the fourth quarter with Utah holding a 24-21 lead, and BYU had the ball with 6 seconds left on the Utah 34-yard line.

First, BYU quarterback Riley Nelson attempted a pass play to set up a closer field goal. The play was incomplete and the clock ran to zero, leading Utah fans to storm the field. However, after checking the replay, the referees determined that there was one second left on the clock, giving BYU one more play.

The Utah fans on the field were ushered over to the sideline as BYU made an attempt at a 51-yard field goal. The field goal was blocked by Utah and the fans stormed the field again, but in the meantime, as a BYU player picked up the ball and tried to continue the play, hoping for a miracle. Thanks to the Utah fans storming the field prematurely, the referees penalized the Utah fans 15 yards for unsportsmanlike conduct and BYU would get one more chance to tie the game.

The penalty allowed BYU to make a shorter field goal attempt, this time from 36 yards. However, Kicker Riley Stephenson's field goal attempt hit the left upright and the kick was no good. Finally, Utah had wrapped up a 24-21 victory, and the fans stormed the field a third time to celebrate, but this time it counted.

Video via ESPN. H/T LBS.

Sep 15, 2012

Cubs shortstop Starlin Castro stumbles rounding second base (Video)

Chicago Cubs shortstop Starlin Castro stumbled and fell rounding second base on a double during the eighth inning of Saturday's MLB game at Wrigley Field against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Fortunately, Castro's reflexes allowed himself to break his fall to avoid a faceplant and get back to second base in time to avoid disaster.

Castro came around to score a run on a Luis Valbuena single, but the Cubs came up short against the Pirates in a 7-6 loss.

Video via MLB.com.

Iowa punter Connor Kornbrath downs his own punt (Video)

You wouldn't expect a punter to be responsible for downing his own punt during any football game, but that's exactly the position Iowa Hawkeyes punter Connor Kornbrath found himself in during Saturday's game against Northern Iowa.

It happened in the third quarter with the ball on the Iowa 49-yard line. Kornbrath's punt traveled 25 yards in the air, but the Iowa punt team overran the ball as it took a ridiculously bad bounce backwards. As a result, Kornbrath had to down the ball himself at the Northern Iowa 40-yard line, which goes down as an 11-yard punt.

Looks like Iowa's punt team could use a little extra practice this week.

H/T Business Insider.

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Eduardo Nunez settles for single after ball hits umpire (Video)

New York Yankees shortstop Eduardo Nunez had to settle for a single after his hard hit down the third base line hit third base umpire Jerry Meals during Friday night's game at Yankee Stadium against the Tampa Bay Rays.

It happened in the bottom of the fifth inning, and the hit by Nunez would have rolled into left field and given him a double had the ball not hit Meals and caromed right back to the infield.

To be fair, Meals did everything he could to get out of the way of the ball (displaying a pretty good vertical leap in the process), and normally this wouldn't be a big deal.  However, the Yankees are in a dogfight with the Baltimore Orioles for first place in the American League East, and Meals happens to be the same umpire that completely blew a call that cost the Yankees a game last week.  It's ironic that Meals still managed to impact the game without trying.

The Yankees could have used some more runs last night as they lost to the Rays 6-4.  If Nunez gets a double on the play, who knows how that play could have changed the game?

Video via MLB.com.

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Sep 14, 2012

NHL lockout inspires animated rant from fan (Video)

With the NHL lockout threatening to wipe out the entire 2012-13 season, University Humour uses some simple animation to summarize the impact of the lockout from a fan's perspective.

Video via UniversityHumour. H/T Sportress.

Vinny Rottino gets credit for sacrifice bunt after ball rolls fair (Video)

Cleveland Indians left fielder Vinny Rottino got credit for a sacrifice bunt after hitting it foul and watching it spin back into fair territory during Thursday night's game in Arlington against the Texas Rangers.

It happened in the top of the eighth inning with an Indians runner on first. Ironically, Rottino was trying to pull his bat back from a high pitch, but the ball hit his bat anyway. The ball initially rolled foul line but had some serious spin and made its way back into fair territory right before the bag at first base.

Rottino had no chance of making it to first base, but the play advanced the runner over to second base, which is exactly what he was trying to do. Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good.

Video via MLB.com.

Rutgers RB Jawan Jamison makes unbelievable spin move for TD (Video)

Rutgers Scarlet Knights running back Jawan Jamison pulled off a phenomenal spin move in the final minutes of Thursday night's college football game against South Florida, allowing him to break into open space and score a 41-yard touchdown to wrap up a 23-13 win.

Jamison finished with 41 carries for 151 yards, punctuated by the touchdown with that fantastic move.

H/T Dr. Saturday.

Sep 13, 2012

EA Sports FIFA '13 Demo has a hilarious slide tackle glitch (Video)

On Tuesday, EA Sports released the Demo version of the FIFA '13 video game, available for download on XBOX Live, among other platforms. As this is not the final version of the game, a few glitches were bound to be found, including one where a player making a slide tackle of an opponent sends both players flying across the field.

We almost hope they leave this one in there, because it is so hilarious.

Video via. H/T 101gg.

Reds pitcher Mat Latos has 'Family Guy' tattoo on his leg (Photo)

Cincinnati Reds pitcher Mat Latos has a tattoo of Family Guy characters Stewie and Brian on his right leg and was recently posted on his wife's Instagram account.

We can't confirm this for sure, but we'll go out on a limb and say that Latos is a fan of the show.

Photo via Instagram. H/T LBS.

Jon Jay sports argyle socks during Cardinals game (Video)

St. Louis Cardinals second baseman Jon Jay revealed his red-and-black argyle socks during Wednesday night's game at Petco Park against the San Diego Padres.

Unusual fashion choice for a baseball player, but at least they match the team colors.

Video via MLB.com.

Sep 12, 2012

Dustin Pedroia leaves game as his wife goes into labor (Video)

Boston Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia left Wednesday night's game against the New York Yankees before the top of the seventh inning after manager Bobby Valentine informed him that his wife just went into labor.

Video via MLB.com.

New Yorkers beg Keith Hernandez not to shave his mustache (Video)

Retired New York Mets star (and current Mets broadcaster) Keith Hernandez is considering shaving off his trademark mustache, which in 2007 was named the top sports mustache of all-time (by the American Mustache Institute - apparently there is such a thing).

The thought of Hernandez shaving his famous mustache has thrown New Yorkers into a tizzy, which is best reflected in a video that the MLB Fan Cave put together this week featuring fans rallying to convince him not to shave.

Will he go through with it? We shall see.

Video via MLB.com. H/T Sportress.

ESPN gets confused, shows American flag for country of Georgia (Photo)

When showing highlights of Tuesday's FIFA soccer match between Georgia and Spain, which Spain won 1-0, ESPN incorrectly displayed an American flag next to Georgia when displaying the final score.

Apparently ESPN confused Georgia the country for Georgia the state.

Photo via Mocksession. H/T Timothy Burke.

Padres ball girl tries to catch line drive while security guard runs away (Video)

A San Diego Padres ball girl was unable to catch a line drive during Tuesday night's game at Petco Park, but was probably distracted by the security guard who ran right in front of her while trying to get himself out of harm's way.

It happened in the fourth inning as St. Louis Cardinals batter Pete Kozma hit a sharp line drive foul towards the left field stands. The ball girl stood up from her stool and tried to catch the line drive, while the security guard seated next to her couldn't get out of the way fast enough as he even took his chair with him as he bailed.

That didn't look good. Not only was this security guard caught on camera running away from the first sign of trouble, but the distraction he causes nearly results in the ball girl getting nailed by a line drive. This guy needs to step up his game.

Video via MLB.com.

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Rangers pitcher Joe Nathan dresses up as Tony Romo (Video)

Texas Rangers relief pitcher Joe Nathan dressed up as Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo during warmups before Tuesday night's game against the Cleveland Indians.

Nathan came out dressed in a complete Cowboys uniform, complete with helmet, shoulder pads, football pants and a Romo jersey.

Nathan lost a bet with fellow Rangers reliever Mike Adams on the NFL season opener between the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants, which the Cowboys won 24-17. Nathan, unfortunately, had picked the Giants.

Video via MLB.com. H/T Shutdown Corner.
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