Matt Duchene scores easy offside goal against Predators with linesman's blown call (Video)

Matt Duchene offside goal
Colorado Avalanche center Matt Duchene received a gift from an NHL linesman with a horrendous blown call that allowed him to score a goal during the second period of Monday's game against the Nashville Predators.

This one wasn't even close, as Duchene was so far past the blue line on the play that he had to slow down, turn around and wait for the puck to catch up to him, yet the linesman did not make the offside call. Duchene realized he had a free shot on goal, so he shot it and scored. The Predators bench rightfully argued that the goal shouldn't count, but to no avail.

Worst of all, the terrible no-call by the officials cost the Predators the game, as the Avalanche won 6-5.

UPDATE: Hockey insider Bob McKenzie had the following comments regarding the incident on his Twitter account:
"FWIW, linesman who missed call is one of NHL's most experienced, accomplished, respected officials. Bad call, yes. Bad official? No way. Linesman obviously was aware Duchene preceded puck over blueline but mistakenly believed NSH, not COL, played puck into zone."
Unfortunately, that won't help the Predators feel any better after this one.

H/T Puck Daddy.
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