Connor Barwin thanks bread, cheesecake and 'Mohawk Steve' as he leaves Texans (Photo)

NFL linebacker Connor Barwin signed with the Philadelphia Eagles as a free agent this month, ending his tenure with the Houston Texans after four seasons. Barwin followed the custom of other recent NFL free agents by taking out a full page ad in the newspaper to say thanks to his former team and their fans. However, Barwin's ad takes an extra step by including an extensive, specific list of people (and things) to thank, including "Mohawk Steve", "Bread" and "Cheesecake".

Barwin's move to Philadelphia leaves us wondering what he will do with that cool Texans letterman jacket, as he obviously can't wear it anymore.

UPDATE: Barwin explained to USA Today's Robert Klemko that "Bread" refers to "random buddy of mine who I met down here in Houston", while "Cheesecake" is actually "a doorman at three or four different venues" in the city.

H/T Shutdown Corner.

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