Lebanon soccer referee chased, assaulted after sending player off (Video)

During a recent soccer match in Lebanon, a referee who gave an player a red card suddenly found himself being chased around the pitch and assaulted by that player and his teammates.

Based on our research, the teams in the match were Al-Nahda and Salam Zgharta. The incident was apparently triggered after the Al-Nahda player initially received a yellow card from the referee, talked back to him, and was then given a red card.

The referee showed some impressive moves as he maneuvered around the field to avoid being punched. However, the referee did all at one point near one of the team benches, at which point someone got in a cheap shot. Fortunately, an armed security guard stepped in at one point to help the referee get up and get away.

We know being a referee is not an easy job, but this certainly isn't part of the job description.

DISCLAIMER: Holdout Sports does not condone this behavior.

H/T 101gg.
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