Astros fielders collide on popup, giving Pirates walk-off win (GIF)

The Houston Astros lost another game in an embarrassing fashion that only the Astros could pull off.

On Friday night, the Astros were tied at 4-4 with the Pittsburgh Pirates at PNC Park. In the bottom of the ninth with two outs, the Pirates loaded the bases, but Astros pitcher Edgar Gonzalez got Pirates batter Russell Martin to pop up to short center field to send the game into extra innings. Or so everyone thought.

Astros error gives Pirates walk-off win

Astros second baseman Jack Elmore chased the popup into the outfield while right fielder Jimmy Paredes came in. Due to a miscommunication, the players collided just as Paredes got his glove on the ball, causing him to drop it and allowing runner Travis Snider to score from third and giving the Pirates a 5-4 win.

Just another reminder of why the Astros are the worst team in the major leagues.


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