Astros reliever Paul Clemens forgets to take off jacket (Video)

Paul Clemens forgets to take off jacketHouston Astros relief pitcher Paul Clemens forgot to take his jacket off before leaving the bullpen to enter Monday night's game against the Detroit Tigers in the sixth inning.

Clemens jogged to the pitcher's mound wearing the jacket after being called to replace starter Bud Norris, who left the game due to a back injury. Astros manager Bo Porter and home plate umpire Jim Joyce got a good chuckle out of the goof by Clemens, and the Astros had to send a ball boy out to the mound to collect the jacket from him. You don't see this very often, but it's the Astros after all.

Clemens pitched three scoreless innings, but it was too little, too late as the Tigers won the game 7-2.

Video via MLB.
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