Daniel Murphy's fly ball finds seam in Busch Stadium outfield wall (Video)

Daniel Murphy ground rule doubleNew York Mets second baseman Daniel Murphy hit an unusual ground rule double during the sixth inning of Thursday's game at Busch Stadium when his fly ball found its way through a seam in the outfield wall.

St. Louis Cardinals right fielder (and former Met) Carlos Beltran  positioned himself to play the outfield carom off the wall, but it never happened. The seam was barely big enough for the ball to fit through, so Murphy's double is one of those plays that couldn't happen again if he tried another million times. Regardless, someone in the Cardinals organization might want to fix that outfield wall.

The double by Murphy started a two-run rally for the Mets, which helped propel them to a 5-2 victory over the Cards.

Video via MLB.
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