Joel Hanrahan's wild pitch rips sign behind backstop (Video)

Boston Red Sox relief pitcher Joel Hanrahan threw a wild pitch that ripped the "Ace Ticket" advertising sign behind home plate at Fenway Park during the top of the ninth in Monday night's game against the Minnesota Twins.

Hanrahan's pitch to Minnesota Twins batter Bryan Dozier was a bit high and got past Red Sox pitcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia
and through to the backstop, where it landed in the middle of the sign and ripped it.

The wild pitch served as an omen, as Dozier hit a home run to tie the game. However, the Red Sox were able to overcome and win the game in extra innings.

UPDATE: Hanrahan went to the DL after the game with pain in his arm. It was found that Hanrahan has a torn flexor tendon, and he will be out for the season after electing to have surgery with a 6-9 month recovery.

Video via MLB.
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