Independiente president attacked by chair-throwing hooligans at team meeting (Video)

On Friday, an ugly incident occurred in Argentina as Independiente FC president Javier Cantero was forced to halt a meeting with club supporters due to an unruly group of hooligans who rudely interrupted the meeting by throwing chairs towards the stage.

Cantero was on stage with a group of team representatives speaking with club supporters for the first time since Independiente was relegated from Argentina's Primera Division for the time in the team's history. Cantero was able to speak for a few minutes before a group of hooligans rushed the stage and began throwing chairs at him. Security quickly escorted Cantero out of harm's way, but several other team representatives on stage were forced to fend for themselves. A few people were hit by the flying chairs, but fortunately no one appeared to be seriously hurt.

This is certainly not an appropriate way to express displeasure with the club's performance on the field. Not sure what the hooligans were trying to accomplish here, as the incident isn't going to change Independiente's relegation status. These guys have to grow up.

Holdout Sports does not condone this behavior, and we hope the hooligans involved in this incident were apprehended and punished appropriately.

H/T Dirty Tackle.
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