Brandon Crawford blocked from catching popup as umpire gets in the way (Video)

San Francisco Giants shortstop Brandon Crawford was blocked from catching a popup by an umpire who couldn't get out of his way during Friday night's game in San Diego.

In the bottom of the third, Padres batter Alexi Amarista hit a popup behind third base. Giants third baseman Pablo Sandoval was called off by Crawford, who came over to the third base line to make the catch. However, third base umpire Tim Timmons was so focused on Sandoval that he didn't see Crawford come in behind him. As a result, Timmons backed into Crawford, effectively blocking him out from making a play. Timmons began to move out of the way, but it was way too late.

To make matters worse, the ball landed right on the line, so technically it should have been a fair ball, but Timmons called it foul. You could see the mark on the line where the ball landed, so it would be hard to say that Timmons didn't see it. Was this a make-up call by Timmons to "apologize" for blocking out Crawford?

The television broadcaster in the video summed it up best: "Are you kidding me?" Hey Tim, next time a popup comes near you, GET OUT OF THE WAY!!!

Video via MLB.
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