David Ortiz ejected for smashing dugout phone with bat (Video)

Boston Red Sox DH David Ortiz was ejected for smashing a dugout phone with his baseball bat after striking out in the seventh inning of Saturday night's game in Baltimore.

"Big Papi" was upset about a high 3-0 pitch that was called a strike by home plate umpire Tim Timmons. Ortiz was so sure that the pitch was ball four that he flipped the bat and was preparing to walk to first base. After finishing the at-bat with a big swing and amiss for strike three, Big Papi argued with Timmons as he walked back to the dugout, including showing Timmons how high he felt the 3-0 pitch was. Timmons showed some restraint in not ejecting him from the game at that moment.

Ortiz went ballistic upon returning to the dugout as he smashed the dugout phone with a bat three times, leaving Timmons with no choice but to eject Ortiz from the game. Dustin Pedroia had to duck for cover to ensure he didn't get injured by the shattered pieces of the phone. Big Papi then came back out onto the field and cursed out Timmons while being held back by manager John Farrell and bench coach Torey Lovullo before heading to the locker room. Amazingly, the phone still worked later in the game despite the damage.

Whether Ortiz was justified for being upset with the umpire 3-0 pitch call is debatable, but there is no debating that there was no excuse for Big Papi's behavior afterwards. Aside from the obvious damage he caused to the phone, which he should have to pay for, Ortiz could have seriously injured one of his teammates. You have to wonder why Ortiz became so enraged, considering the Red Sox had a 7-2 lead at the time and are in prime position for a playoff run. Looks like Big Papi could use a little anger management counseling.

UPDATE:   The phone that Big Papi destroyed was the phone to the press box, not the phone to the Red Sox bullpen.

DISCLAIMER: Holdout Sports does not condone this behavior.

Video via MLB.

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