Miguel Cabrera tosses glove into stands, female fan gives it back (Video)

Detroit Tigers slugger Miguel Cabrera tossed his glove into the stands from the dugout, then had to politely ask a female fan for his glove back, during Friday night's game at Comerica Park.

Miguel Cabrera tosses glove into stands
It happened in the third inning as Philadelphia Phillies batter John Mayberry Jr. hit the foul ball towards the Tigers dugout. Cabrera, who has been sitting out since Monday with an injured left hip, made a half-hearted attempt to stop the ball by tossing his glove towards it. Unfortunately, the toss missed the ball completely, and his glove ended up in the hands of a female fan in the front row, putting Miggy in the awkward position of asking for his glove back.

The female fan, identified as Courtney Wood, considered keeping the glove, but decided to do the right thing and give it back. In exchange, Miggy gave Wood a souvenir baseball, and Wood also found herself on TV in the middle of ESPN SportsCenter highlights.

All in all, a pretty good night at the ball park for Courtney.

Video via MLB.
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