Angels outfielder J.B. Shuck steals HR with unbelievable catch (Video)

Los Angeles Angels left fielder J.B. Shuck made the catch of the year during Friday night's game in Anaheim and stole a home run away from Toronto Blue Jays slugger Jose Bautista in the process.

JB Shuck makes amazing catch
It happened in the top of the fourth inning as Shuck ran back to the wall and timed his leap perfectly to make the amazing catch, then fell backwards over the wall into the stands. Shuck's Angels teammates tipped their caps in acknowledgement of his unbelievable play. Talk about "Angels in the Outfield".

Shuck had a nice game at the plate as well, going 3-for-4 (including a double and a triple) with an RBI and scoring two runs, in the 7-5 Angels victory.

Video via MLB.
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