J.J. Putz spikes pitch after being startled by mistimed audio clip during delivery (Video)

An ill-timed audio clip threw off Arizona Diamondbacks reliever J.J. Putz and caused him to throw a baseball directly into the ground during the ninth inning of Saturday night's game.

Putz was in the middle of his delivery on the first pitch to New York Mets batter Justin Turner when the loud clip started playing for a second or two before it stopped. Television and radio crews tried to identify the clip, with some describing the sound as a cow mooing. Putz ended up spiking the ball and the pitch did not count, while a man in the Chase Field audio room could be seen pointing to himself as if to say "Sorry, my bad." We would guess that the D-backs gave this audio man a stern talking-to after the game.

As luck would have it, Putz gave up a double to Turner on the very next pitch. However, Putz was able to compose himself to record the last two outs of the inning. The Mets won the game 4-1.

By the way, the sound that was played was actually the opening two seconds of the guitar intro from the Motley Crue classic "Kickstart My Heart". It could be argued that the poorly timed clip certainly did that to Putz.

Video via MLB.
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