Cesar Jimenez records putout by tagging runner with bare hand (Video)

Cesar Jimenez tags Christian Yelich with bare hand

Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Cesar Jimenez tagged Miami Marlins runner Christian Yelich with his bare hand on a grounder to first, but was given credit for the putout anyway, in a horrendous call during Wednesday night's game at Marlin Park.

It happened in the bottom of the seventh inning as Yelich hit a slow roller down the first base line. Phillies first baseman Kevin Frandsen came in from first to get the ball, leaving Jimenez running to cover the bag. Frandsen tossed the ball to Jimenez, who realized he wouldn't get the glove around fast enough to tag Yelich. That's when Jimenez pulled a fast one on first base umpire C.B. Bucknor by tagging Yelich with his bare hand, but raising his glove which had the ball in it as if to say "I got him". Bucknor fell for it hook, line and sinker.

Yet another perfect example of why major league baseball needs instant replay.  Bucknor should review this one so he doesn't get fooled again.

Video via MLB.

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