Michigan band takes shots at Ohio State during halftime show (Photo)

The University of Michigan marching band took some shots at Ohio State during their performance at halftime of Saturday's season opener at Ann Arbor.

Michigan band spells OHNO at halftime

The performance involved a James Bond theme, with the plot consisting of the Ohio State mascot attempting to kidnap the U of M president, Mary Sue Coleman. During a staged fight scene between "James Bond" and "Brutus the Buckeye". As the fight took place, the band spelled out "OHNO", a clear shot at the "OHIO" spelling that the Ohio State marching band is famous for. Can't wait until Ohio State comes to Ann Arbor on November 30th.

For those of you interested, here is some video of the performance.
(UPDATE: We have just tracked down video from a slightly better angle and much clearer sound).
UPDATE 9/2/13: We now have the official Michigan Marching Band video.

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