Did Canucks give up strangest own-goal in NHL history? (Video)

The Vancouver Canucks gave up what may be the strangest shorthanded own-goal in NHL history during the second period of Saturday night's game against the Montreal Canadiens.

Everything seemed normal as Canucks goalie Roberto Luongo played the puck behind the net and passed it to defenseman Jason Garrison, who gave it to fellow defenseman Dan Hamhuis. However, things suddenly went off the rails as Hamhuis lost the control of the puck and sent it into the goal crease, just as Luongo was repositioning himself in front of the net. Luongo couldn't see the puck and kicked it backwards into his own net. Talk about something you don't see every day...or ever.

Canadiens center Lars Eller was credited with an unassisted goal, as he was the last member of his team to touch the puck on the play. The Canadiens won the game 4-1.

Video via NHL. H/T Puck Daddy.
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