Oregon WR Josh Huff sheds tears during loss to Stanford (GIF)

Oregon Ducks wide receiver Josh Huff could not hide his emotions during the fourth quarter of Thursday night's loss to Stanford that likely knocks them out of the BCS National Championship game.

After Stanford kicked a field goal to extend their lead to 26-0 with 11:40 remaining in the game, Huff was caught shedding some tears on the Oregon sideline. It might have been a bit premature for Huff to be crying, as Oregon made a valiant comeback effort, but they fell short in the end and lost the game 26-20.

Some might say "There's no crying in football", but we have some idea of what Huff must have been feeling. With all the months of preparation these Oregon players have put in since January for their chance at a national championship, and knowing that opportunity is likely gone after this loss, it must be heartbreaking. To top it off, Huff and the other Oregon seniors don't get another season to try again, so it's understand that all those emotions can't be contained. Huff probably wasn't the only one crying after the game.

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