Russell Westbrook and Nene ejected for shoving (Video)

Oklahoma City Thunder guard Russell Westbrook and Washington Wizards forward Nene Hilario were ejected for shoving each other during an incident in the fourth quarter of Sunday's game in OKC.

It started with 3:18 remaining in regulation as Westbrook drove to the basket and knocked Wizards forward Al Harrington to the ground with a charge. As Westbrook stood over Harrington, Nene pushed Westbrook to the ground to help Harrington up before Westbrook had a chance to move. Westbrook retaliated by pushing Nene back, which was about as effective as someone pushing a stone wall. Referees and teammates stepped in before things spun out of control.

The officials reviewed the play and called a double technical foul on Westbrook and Nene to go along with the charge on Westbrook. Westbrook and Nene were automatically ejected with each having two technical fouls, as an earlier scrum between them also resulted in a double technical.

Westbrook's ejection seemed to spark his Thunder teammates, who rallied from a 10-point deficit to tie the game at the end of regulation and win the game in overtime 106-105.

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