ESPN releases full Ron Burgundy interview with Peyton Manning, and it is hilarious (Video)

Earlier this week, ESPN teased an interview with Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning conducted by Will Ferrell as Ron Burgundy as part of his promotional tour for the upcoming movie Anchorman 2.

The interview was originally scheduled to be aired on Thursday's 6PM episode of SportsCenter, but was preempted due to a scheduled press conference regarding the decision by Florida prosecutors not to pursue charges against Jameis Winston. There's a fair chance that the interview would still have been bumped anyway due to the unexpected breaking news of the passing of former South African president Nelson Mandela.

Fortunately, the full Ron Burgundy interview of Peyton Manning is now available online. It is hilarious not just with Burgundy's questions and commentary, but Manning's answers and stories as well.

Video via ESPN.

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