Nick Saban moneybag GIF hilariously sums up rumored move to Texas

With rumors flying around the Internet that Alabama Crimson Tide head football coach Nick Saban will soon be the head coach of the Texas Longhorns, this GIF sums up perfectly how most people expect things to play out:

Nick Saban moneybag GIF

After a flat out denial from Saban, the big bag of money drops down from Texas, and Saban walks out on Alabama.

It should be noted that this story is still 100% rumor and speculation at this point, since Mack Brown is still the head football coach at Texas (and is still actively recruiting), while Alabama has offered Saban an extension of his current contract. However, now that a third consecutive national championship is no longer in the cards for Alabama, that may provide Saban the opportunity to think again about where to spend the rest of his career.

Our take: If the Texas job does open up, there will be so much money thrown at Saban that it will be awfully hard for him to say no to the Longhorns.

How will things play out with Saban? If there is any basis of truth to the rumors flying around the Internet, we'll find out soon enough.

GIF via @Kevol80. H/T LBS.
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