Drake plays A-Rod in SNL opening sketch (Video)

SNL skewered the aftermath of the steroid suspension of embattled New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez in the opening sketch of this week's episode, using the context of a fake live interview conducted by CNN correspondent Piers Morgan. The role of A-Rod was played by rapper Drake, who served as the episode's guest host and musical guest.

During the episode, the fake A-Rod announced his intention to sue not only MLB and the players union, but also "steroids for being inside my body" and "Jackie Robinson, for breaking into the major leagues, which really brought about this whole situation in the first place."

"A-Rod" also attempted to blame the "autocorrect" function on his phone for completely changing the content of the text messages he sent, leading to hilarious results. As a consequence, he would also be suing his iPhone and the dictionary.

Also worth a look is the fantastic Justin Bieber impression by SNL cast member Kate McKinnon.

Video via Hulu.

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