Paul George delivers incredible 360 windmill slam dunk (Video)

Indiana Pacers forward Paul George put on a show for the home crowd during the fourth quarter of their blowout victory of the L.A. Clippers by stealing the ball and finishing with an incredible 360 windmill slam dunk.

Normally we would say that this was unnecessary showboating in a blowout victory, as the Pacers were up by 20 points halfway through the fourth quarter. However, since George declined to participate in this year's NBA Slam Dunk contest, this was George's opportunity to show the fans what he can do.

There's no question that George's fantastic slam will make the year-end highlight reel, and it's one that is worth watching over and over again in GIF format, courtesy of GIFDSports:

Paul George 360 windmill slam dunk

GIF via GIFDSports. Video via NBA.
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