Did Brad Stevens deserve to be ejected? (Video)

Boston Celtics head coach Brad Stevens earned his first NBA career ejection with 35.7 seconds remaining in Saturday's game in Sacramento. Whether Stevens really deserved to be ejected, however, is up for debate.

It happened after Celtics forward Gerald Williams was called for a personal foul on Kings guard Isaiah Thomas. Wallace, who argued the call, earned two quick technical fouls and was tossed from the game by referee Mark Davis. Stevens made a comment to Davis and he was also quickly tossed, despite not cursing or being overly demonstrative.

Stevens remained calm and even showed some class by getting the attention of Kings coach Michael Malone to congratulate him from the other side of the court before heading back to the locker room.

We say that Stevens didn't deserve to be ejected. How about you?

H/T Celtics Life.
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