Angels fan ejected for touching Curtis Granderson during play (Video)

New York Mets right fielder Curtis Granderson was caught in the middle of an ugly scene when a Los Angeles Angels fan reached out and touched him as he was about to make a throw during Friday night's game at Anaheim.

It happened in the eighth inning as Granderson caught a deep fly ball in the right field corner from Angels batter J.B. Shuck for the first out of the eighth inning. Granderson's momentum carried him within arm's length of the right field wall, which was apparently too tempting for one senseless Angels fan. As Granderson was about to throw the baseball back to the infield, the Angels fan patted him on the back near his throwing shoulder, leading Granderson to stop in his tracks and verbally call him out. The Angels fan was ejected from the stadium by security shortly afterwards.

Granderson deserves credit for keeping under control and not responding physically in a tense situation. Not only did Granderson not know what the fan's intentions were, but he could have ended up with a serious injury, making this incident much, much worse. As for this Angels fan, he clearly stepped over the line and will be punished accordingly.

DISCLAIMER: It goes without saying, but Holdout Sports does not condone this behavior.

Video via Telly. H/T LBS.
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