Kevin Frandsen makes unbelievable behind-the-back grab off wall (Video)

Washington Nationals left fielder Kevin Frandsen made an incredible behind-the-back grab while playing a fly ball off the wall during Tuesday night's game in Houston.

Kevin Frandsen behind-the-back grab
It happened in the bottom of the third with two outs and an Astros runner on first base. Astros batter Jason Castro hit a fly ball to deep left field that bounced off a corner of the outfield wall at Minute Maid Park. Frandsen turned his back to play the carom off the wall, expecting the ball to go past him, but the ball fell right into Frandsen's glove as he put it behind him without looking. Frandsen's amazing play limited Castro to a double and prevented a run from scoring.

The Astros were able to knock the runners home on the very next play, but Frandsen's unbelievable grab earned himself a deserving spot on the MLB highlight reel.

Video via MLB.
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