Michael Pineda ejected for using illegal pine tar on his neck (Video)

New York Yankees pitcher Michael Pineda was ejected in the second inning of Wednesday night's game in Boston after the umpires caught him with illegal pine tar on his neck.

Pineda had a 1-2 count on Red Sox batter Grady Sizemore when manager John Farrell called time and asked the umpires to check Pineda. Home plate umpire came out to the mound and checked Pineda, throwing him out of the game after finding the pine tar on his neck.

This would seem to be the second time this season Pineda has been caught using pine tar, although it is the first time he has been penalized for using it. In an April 10th game against the Red Sox, television cameras captured Pineda using the pine tar on his glove in the early innings, and then on his wrist later in the game. The Red Sox did not ask the umpires to check Pineda in that instance, and Pineda denied using pine tar after that game, claiming it was dirt.

According to MLB rules, the flagrant pine tar use by Pineda is subject to a 10-game suspension, meaning he would miss two starts. The Yankees have likely already lost starter Ivan Nova for the season with a partial UCL tear, so this will put some additional strain on the Yankee pitching staff.

In the end, the Red Sox won the game 5-1.

Video via MLB.

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