Andrew McCutchen encourages pandas to play baseball (Video)

The folks at SONY have released their latest commercial for MLB 14: The Show, a video game available exclusively for their PlayStation game platforms. The latest ad features Pittsburgh Pirates outfielder (and National League MVP) Andrew McCutchen playing the role of "Baseball's Ambassador" encouraging pandas to play baseball.

That's right. A commercial for a MLB-themed video game that stars real pandas. Because when you think of baseball, you think of cute and furry animals, right?

We don't blame McCutchen, as he's probably getting a nice paycheck for taking part in this. However, is SONY getting it's money's worth by using pandas in the ad?  Sure, you can convince a person that "Baseball is Better", but is trying to explain this to a panda really money well spent?

You make the call:  Thumbs up or thumbs down on the pandas?

Video via PlayStation.

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