Carlos Gomez surprises young fan with invitation to throw first pitch (Video)

Milwaukee Brewers center fielder Carlos Gomez surprised a young fan at Miller Park by inviting her to throw the ceremonial first pitch before Tuesday night's game against Baltimore.

Earlier this season on Carlos Gomez bobblehead day, 15-year-old Jordan Hynum was brought to tears by meeting Gomez face-to-face, leading Gomez to give her a couple of big hugs. Fast forward to Tuesday night, when the Brewers gave Hynum front row seats for the game, which was amazing enough. However, Gomez made Hynum's night even more amazing by coming out of the dugout with a baseball and telling her that she would be throwing out the first pitch.

Hynum stood a few feet in front of the pitcher's mound and was clearly nervous, but made a great throw. A much better throw than 50 Cent, that's for sure.

To make the night complete, Gomez hit a home run in the first inning and gave Hynum a big wave on his way back to the dugout. It's a night that Hynum won't soon forget.

Video via MLB.
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