Is Chris Bosh the X-Factor for the Miami Heat?

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LeBron James and Dwyane Wade are the two best players of the Miami Heat, no doubt about that. They are the two most athletic and skillful guys on the team. They are both effective and spectacular. However, Chris Bosh is an equally important piece of this Heat team. He was, is, and will continue to be a vital ingredient of success for the defending champs.

Sometimes, Bosh’s value, his essence to the Heat’s ability to play well, gets underrated. Due to the presence of the best player currently active in the world, LeBron James, and also due to Wade’s improved performances this season, Bosh gets overshadowed. The 30–year old forward/center even faces criticism due to some cold-spell stretches he goes through from time to time. Nonetheless, Bosh has been one of the main reasons why the Heat were able to win two championships in a row and now have the chance to win their third one.

What Chris Bosh has done with his game since he first stepped foot in Miami is incredible. Of course, CB doesn’t receive the credit he actually deserves, because LeBron James has also improved his game since coming to Miami, in a much bigger scale that Bosh. But if we dig deeper, Bosh managed to successfully transform his game and adjust to the presence of D-Wade and King James. Not only has he bulked up and learned how to play the center spot, but he even changed his offensive game to help his team win.

It’s notable that after Erik Spoelstra’s urges, Bosh extended his range and he is now a threat from beyond the three–point arc. His ability to become a reliable three–point shooter in such a small margin of time is another fact that gets neglected.

When was the last time you remember a coach telling his big man:
“I want you to extend your range and consistently hit three–pointers from now on”, and the player did exactly that? That’s not an easy thing at all to do. And yet Bosh did exactly that, recognizing that this is the best way to help his team win games.

On the offensive end, Chris Bosh has been a big factor in the Heat’s 2014 playoff run. He is providing solutions when Wade, LeBron and the rest of the crew have difficulties. It doesn’t take much more than one or two shots before he finds his pace and starts sinking one shot after another. His basketball IQ is very high and for a big man he has tremendous passing skills. Thanks to his extender range, Bosh can now spread the floor, dragging his opposing big men out of the paint and thus opening the lanes for Miami’s penetrators.

Bosh has also been a main contributor for the Heat during the 2014 NBA Finals. He is matching well against Tim Duncan and he is providing solutions on the offensive end, too. In short words, Chris Bosh is as valuable as LeBron and Wade for Miami although the stats might not say so.
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